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How do we offer superior gold prices compared to other Ottawa gold buyers?

The economics are simple:
Lower overheads
Deep experience
Extremely accurate pricing
Smaller profit margins

We give you more by taking less!

By choosing us, you will get the very best price for your gold.

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More than $20 million paid directly to the public.

Selling Your Gold to Alliance Coin & Banknote

For the very best in pricing on all forms of gold jewellery, gold coins, gold bars and gold medals in the National Capital Region Contact us today. Scroll down for a video overview.

Hello, my name is Sean Isaacs, founder of Alliance Coin & Banknote

I'm proud to be marking my 30th anniversary in the coin business and have put together this short video in an attempt to help demystify the process of selling us your scrap gold.

As Gold and Silver Buyers

We Buy Jewellery

Gold & Silver of any fineness, broken or intact, including:

  • rings
  • necklaces
  • pendants


Gold dealer serving the National Capital Region

We Buy Coins

Gold & Silver, both Canadian and world-wide, in any condition, including pure bullion coins.

Gold dealer serving the National Capital Region

We Buy Old Sterling

  • Sterling Silver flatware
  • Tea services
  • Trophies
  • Dresser sets
  • Other sterling silver items


We buy sterling silver sets in the National Capital Region

We Buy Bars & Medallions

  • Gold & Silver investment bars of all sizes, one gram through 100 ounces
  • Gold & Silver Medallions of any kind
  • Franklin Mint Sterling Silver collectors bars and medals, etc.


We buy gold and silver bullion and medallions in the National Capital Region

Ensure that you get the best price!

Don't lose out by dealing with anyone other than the experts at Alliance Coin & Banknote. Contact us today.

Ottawa Gold Buyer

It's no mystery why Alliance continues to be the premier purchaser of gold jewellery and coinage in the National Capital Region after almost twenty years, and it all boils down to four core principles of doing business:

Gold Buyers serving the National Capital Region

1. Experienced Gold Buyers

As already mentioned, I have three decades of experience and handling of precious metals in all forms. Since first opening our Almonte gallery here in 2004 we have paid out more than $20 million directly to the public in purchasing.

2. Accurate Value Assessment

Accuracy and product knowledge are crucial in this business. Most jewellery items will indicate their gold fineness, however sometimes broken or custom-made pieces will not, and the availability of in-house acid testing capabilities, together with precise scales, allows us to go further beyond a superficial examination to come up with the correct answers.

We simply will not purchase a gold coin or jewellery piece unless we can be certain we are able to accurately assess its precious metal value and pay our customers accordingly. Now this may sound like a no-brainer, but believe it or not, our own secret sellers have had the experience of offering coins and jewellery to a well-known travelling recycle company where they didn't recognize two of the gold coins so they simply guessed at the value based on what they thought they could get away with paying. Shameful. This also ties very much into our third principle, integrity.

3. Integrity & Ethical Standards

We continue to be Eastern Ontario's only member of the Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers as well as other provincial and national associations, and place the highest value on both customer satisfaction and the ethical conduct of our business.

At Alliance Coin & Banknote you are dealing directly with myself and my staff, not a faceless big city company or a corporate shell. We live, work, and raise our families here and we will always place reputation and satisfaction above the maximization of profit.

4. The Best Gold Pricing

Last and perhaps most importantly, is price. Many companies will make the claim, but at Alliance Coin & Banknote we simply demonstrate each and every day that we pay the highest market prices for all gold and silver jewellery and coinage.

Many will be familiar with the Recycle Frog company which went out of business recently. They had a fabulous advertising budget and sent teams of buyers all over the place claiming price superiority. The irony is, anyone who would have compared our price to theirs -- and we certainly did -- would have discovered that we not only out-pay them on every transaction, every day, but in more cases than not, by a truly significant margin.

The reasons for this are simple economics. My overhead in historic downtown Almonte is much lower than in the city, and based once again on our experience and accuracy, we rarely make errors and therefore are happy to take a smaller profit margin than the big city folks.

If you're tempted to visit the travelling road shows when they come to town, no problem, but for heaven's sake don't sell them your coins and precious metals until you have compared with our superior every day prices!

There is a reason we are still here flourishing in Almonte after 15 years and I invite you to experience the pricing, service, and expertise at Alliance Coin & Banknote.

The process is simple: just call or email for an appointment. Meet with us while we calculate our highest offer based on up to date precious metal markets and if you're happy, you leave with a cheque in hand.

Can't make it to Almonte? No problem. We offer appraisal services as well as purchasing by appointment at our central Ottawa location.

I hope this video has served to answer some important questions you may have on the process for selling your precious metal, jewellery, and coins. I invite you to contact me at any time to further discuss how we can serve your own particular needs. I'm Sean Isaacs for Alliance Coin & Banknote.

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Ensure that you get the best price!

Our independent research proves we lead the regional market in terms of both pricing and service. Read more to understand how it works

Don't lose out by dealing with anyone other than the experts at Alliance Coin & Banknote. Contact us today.