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Coin Resources & Links

Top Tips

Our “top 10” tips to remember when attempting to evaluate, protect, and enjoy your coins and banknotes:

1: The two most critical elements in determining value are Scarcity and Condition

2: Asking prices on auction sites such as eBay are irrelevant; only a sold coin contributes useful data in determining actual current market value

3: Have your collection appraised before it is lost or stolen, and not after. We regularly receive calls from customers trying to reconstruct their lost collections by memory for insurance claims. The results are seldom favourable!

4: Never sell coins or precious-metals to travelling “road-shows”, “coin shows”, or “buying events”, without first comparing prices with a reputable “bricks-and-mortar” dealer; we always out-pay these companies, and stake our reputation on your complete satisfaction

5: Be discreet about your collecting activities, and consider renting an off-site mailbox if you receive regular shipments of numismatic material; “loose lips” really do sink ships

6: Make sure your long-term goals and wishes are clearly known to close family members, as dealing with coin collections in sudden estate situations can sometimes be overwhelming without prior instructions

7: Consider joining a local (or national) coin club, where the camaraderie and mutual interest can make the hobby an even more enjoyable one

8: Introduce a young person to the hobby!  Yes, getting them to set down their electronic appendages can be challenging, but even the chance of lighting that collecting spark is worth the effort

9: “Buy the Book Before the Coin” – sometimes. While an informative book is critical in growing one’s knowledge and subsequent enjoyment of the hobby, spending $150 on a key reference and being left with no budget for an actual coin isn’t always the route to collecting satisfaction. As in all things, prioritization and compromise lines the path of each and every collector

10: Handle and/or view as many coins as you can, and consider acquiring a few certified examples to aid becoming familiar with the grading process.

Certification Companies

CCCS (Canadian Coin Certification Service)

BCS (Banknote Certification Service)

PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service)

Conger’s Jewellers - our exclusive source for objective and expert Jewellery insurance appraisals for more than 20 years

Coin Shows

Nuphilex (Montreal)

Toronto Coin Expo

CAND Winter Show (Hamilton)

Clubs & Associations

Ottawa Numismatic Society

R.C.N.A. (Royal Canadian Numismatic Association)

O.N.A. (Ontario Numismatic Association)

A.N.A. (American Numismatic Association)

CAND (Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers)

References & Publications

Canadian Coin News

Canadian Stamp News

The Charlton Press

Krause Publications

Our Favourite Links and Other Resources

Doug Smith’s excellent page on photographing and collection Ancient coins

Mike Quevillon - the strongest buyer of quality Sportscards and Comic Books in the industry, and my trusted local source in the field for 20+ years

A live exterior camera shot of our national Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

Hugh Wood Canada Ltd. - the hobby’s leading provider of custom coin insurance for both dealers and collectors

Williams Chocolates - our naughty Whitby pit-stop for lovers of quality chocolate, just 5 minutes off the 401

Canada’s National Currency Museum and Collection

Royal Canadian Mint - our key supplier of superb modern commemorative coinage

theHumm - our Ottawa Valley’s premier monthly Arts & Entertainment newspaper

Newseum - a neat site featuring the current front pages from 800 newspapers from 84 different countries!

Foil Media - the Almonte web design and development company responsible for our website and database