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Summer 2019

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Lot Number Title Category EST Current Bid
1 Afghanistan
Silver 2 1/2 Rupee SH1300 (1921/2) KM.878, VF
1.World Coinage $35 None
2 Alderney
5 Pounds 1996 Queen's 70th Birthday (KM.15a), a lovely Silver Proof with mixed bouquet of Shamrocks, Roses and Thistle (etc.) on reverse
1.World Coinage $40 None
3 A lovely Algerian Discovery Set
A 9-piece set of Proof 1997 Algerian coinage, each PCGS certified as follows: 1/4 Dinar PR-67 DCAM, 1/2 Dinar PR-69 DCAM, Dinar PR-69 DCAM, 2 Dinar PR-69 DCAM, 5 Dinar PR-69 DCAM, 10 Dinar PR-67 DCAM, 20 Dinar (bimetal Lion) PR-69 DCAM, 50 Dinar (bimetal Gazelle) PR-68 DCAM, completed by a lovely [1994] 100 Dinars bimetal Horse issue, PR-68 DCAM. All unlisted in Proof striking, thus comprising the only single examples ever certified by PCGS, with the Quarter and Half Dinar pieces completely unrecorded even as circulation strikes! Set of 9 choice animal-themed coins, and a unique opportunity for the North African specialist
1.World Coinage $900-1,000 None
4 Australia
An original 1966 Proof Set of six coins, Penny to Silver 50 Cents, housed in blue presentation case of issue with brilliant coinage, the Half Dollar evenly-toned. While the uncirculated sets of the same date are common, the Proof strikings remain very elusive (Krause value: $290)
1.World Coinage $180-210 None
5 Australia
1969 Proof Set of 6 coins, Cent to 50 Cents (PS.31), lovely frosted strikings in original plastic casing, the Five Cent slightly rotated (Cat. US $225)
1.World Coinage $125-140 None
6 Australia "Masterpieces in Silver" Set
Special 4-piece Proof Set 1988, Consisting of 50 Cents, Dollar, Two Dollar and Five Dollar (PS.56), each struck in Proof Sterling Silver and housed together in presentation box of issue. An attractive set, with themes that include stylized Kangaroo, Tall-Ship, Aboriginal Elder and Parliament House
1.World Coinage $125-140 None
7 Australia 2 oz Kook
Two Dollar 1992 Kookaburra in .999 Silver (KM.227), a flawless 2 oz Proof striking in original case with certificate
1.World Coinage $80-100 None
8 Austria
Austria 50 Schilling 1959 Liberation of Tyrol (KM.2888), ICCS certified Proof-66 with brilliant fields and frosted detail, and a few light hints of toning around rims. The first of the 50 Schilling commemoratives, with very small mintage of just 1,000 pieces (Cat.:US $200)
1.World Coinage $180-200 None
9 The remarkable Belarus Zodiac Collection, struck by the Royal Canadian Mint
A twelve-piece set of 28 gram, 38mm antiqued Sterling Silver 20 Rouble Coins, struck for Belarus by the Royal Canadian Mint, each featuring a different sign of the zodiac and inset with tiny multi-coloured crystals. Housed together in a circle within a unique round presentation case with RCM certificate, with very engaging engraved artwork. With individual dates ranging from 2013 to 2015 and the first such set we have seen or heard of (Krause value: US $900.)
1.World Coinage $500-600 None
10 Bermuda Gold Tree Frog
Ten Dollars 1990 Tree Frog (KM.66), Proof .999 Gold issue (1/10 oz AGW) in original capsule with Royal Mint card
1.World Coinage $200-220 None
11 An 1822 Anchor Coinager Trio
British West Indies, an 1822 One Sixteenth Dollar (NC-1D3; Br.860), G-VG with strong date & legends; 1822 One Eighth Dollar (NC-1C4; Br.859), Fine obverse, with Filler reverse (center impaired, surrounding text still clear); together with an 1822 Quarter Dollar (NC-1B2; Br.858), Abt.VG, clear date & legends. Lot of 3 Silver tokens
1.World Coinage $25-35 None
12 Bulgaria
a 36mm BU pattern 5 Euro 2004 with Olympic Boxing on obverse (KM.Pn9a), struck in Sterling Silver by a private British Mint with extremely small mintage of just 250 pieces
1.World Coinage $45 None
13 A Fabulous Birds of the Caribbean Silver Proof Set
A six-piece set of huge 63mm One Hundred Dollar coins in Proof Sterling Silver, each featuring a local bird within the territories of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, all dated 1988 as follows: Saint Vincent & The Grenadines (KM.15), Dominica (KM.21), Grenada (KM.17), Saint Christopher & Nevis (KM.6), Saint Lucia (KM.17), and Antigua & Barbuda (KM.6). All housed in original Royal Mint case with certificates, and truly the most remarkable bird-themed set we've handled to date. With current Krause value CDN $1,100, and net Silver content of 23.1 oz. (Set of 6 coins)
1.World Coinage $750-850 None
14 A China World Wildlife Fund Gold issue
China 100 Yuan 1986 Gold Proof (KM.151: Yak, previously KM.107), ICCS Proof-67 with net gold content of .3337 oz
1.World Coinage $1,100-1,200 None
15 A Silver Franc of Charles X
A French One Franc 1826-A of Charles X (KM.724.1), bold VF with attractive light even toning. A nice coin!
1.World Coinage $60-75 None
16 France
50 Francs 1979 (KM.941.1), ICCS MS-65; a large crown-sized Silver issue, with the lightest of pinkish-gold surface toning
1.World Coinage $45 None
17 A French Albertville Olympic Set
France 100 Francs 1989-1991, set of 9 Proof Silver commemoratives of the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games (KM.971-2, 980-1, 983-4, 993-5), featuring Free-style and Alpine Skiing, Ice and Speed Skating, Bobsledding, and Hockey, etc. All housed together in Paris Mint plush blue presentation case (Krause value: CDN $380; 5.78 oz of net pure Silver)
1.World Coinage $280-300 None
18 Germany (Bavaria)
One Thaler (Krone) 1811, KM.706.1 of Maximillian IV, Joseph, Silver; pleasant Fine, with fully sharp date and legends
1.World Coinage $50-60 None
19 Germany (Prussia)
3 Mark 1915-A Mansfeld: St. George Slaying the Dragon (KM.539), PCGS AU Detail, "Scratch". We fail to actually detect a material scrach on this attractive coin, and believe the comment had intended to reference a small rim-nick at top of coin. With lustrous, medium silver-grey surfaces, an interesting issue with current Krause value of CDN $800 in EF
1.World Coinage $400-450 None
20 Germany (Empire)
Silver Mark 1873-C (KM.7), gFine with light even grey-gold toning, and a scarcer date/mint-mark
1.World Coinage $65-75 None
21 Germany (Empire)
Germany One Mark 1892-D (KM.14), ICCS MS-65 with light, even pinkish-gold toning (Krause value in MS-63: US $225.)
1.World Coinage $200-220 None
22 Germany (Weimar Republic)
Five Marks 1925-A, Armoured Figure (KM.47), EF and a nice-looking issue
1.World Coinage $180-210 None
23 Germany (Weimar Republic)
5 Reichsmark 1927-A "Bremerhaven" (KM.51; Tallship), PCGS AU Detail, "Residue". A nice-looking issue with light, even grey toning - comment seemingly refers to a couple extremely minor spots of adhesive(?) residue that remain hidden among wings of the eagle. With current Krause value in EF of $1,000+
1.World Coinage $700-800 None
24 West German Two Mark Trio
West Germany, Two Marks 1951-D, 1951-F, and 1951-G (KM.111), average VF. Lot of 3 examples of this single year-type (Krause value: $100)
1.World Coinage $50-60 None
25 Germany (West)
West Germany 5 Mark 1955-F (KM.114) Friedrich Von Schiller, ICCS MS-63 with even, medium grey-gold toning and nice sharp underlying detail. Only the second issue in the lengthy 5 Mark commemorative series, and a scarcer coin (Cat. US$850)
1.World Coinage $700-800 None
26 Germany (West)
Germany 2 Mark 1964-G Max Planck (KM.116), ICCS Proof-65 with tiny mintage of just 368 pieces
1.World Coinage $150-170 None
27 Germany (West)
Germany 1974-D Mint Set of 9 coins, Pfennig to Silver 5 Mark, sealed in pristine blister-pack; offered together with a 2002 German Euro UNC Set of 8 coins (Euro Cent to 2 Euros), as well as a Austria 2002 UNC Set of 8 coins (Euro cent to 2 Euros), the last two items BU and sealed in Mietens blister-packs (Lot of 3 sets)
1.World Coinage $60 None
28 Gibraltar
Five Pounds 1999 (KM.797a), special "Millennium" issue in matte Proof Titanium
1.World Coinage $75-85 None
29 A pair of English William & Mary Coins
A 1694 Half Penny of William & Mary (KM.475.3), VG with some softness at reverse-top, resulting in absence of Britannia head detail; offered together with a 1689 Silver Two Pence of William & Mary (KM.469), pleasant Fine with date slightly off the flan. Lot of two coins, featuring this venerable conjoined portrait
1.World Coinage $50-60 None
30 Great Britain
One Penny 1917 of George V (KM.810) ICCS MS-65, virtually as-struck with much original red lustre. A lovely type-piece!
1.World Coinage $100-120 None
31 Great Britain
One Penny 1918 of George V (KM.810) ICCS MS-65, a second delightful example of this venerable large Penny issue, with deep wine-red toning
1.World Coinage $100-120 None
32 An original Mint Bag of British Large Pennies
A sealed, unopened Mint bag of Great Britain One Penny pieces of 1967 (KM.897), with total face-value of 5 Pounds - or 500 BU pieces! The very last large Penny to circulate in England, and a very neat piece of numismatic history. (sealed bag of 500 pieces, cumulative Krause value $500+)
1.World Coinage $150-200 None
33 Great Britain
Three Pence 1686 of James II (KM.450), F-VF for the issue with sharp legends and nice even grey-gold toning; a small planchet-flaw at very center of reverse - over center "I" in denomination - is easily detectable, but not distracting. A decent example of this seldom-encountered issue
1.World Coinage $40-50 None
34 Great Britain
Three Pence 1886 with young Victoria portrait (KM.730), quite lightly-toned AU and a nice type-piece for this small Silver issue
1.World Coinage $75-85 None
35 A Lovely Six Pence of George II
Great Britain 1758 Six Pence of George II (KM.582.2), attractive AU with light golden toning, hints of emerald and flawless flields. A light obverse scratch from "E" in "DEI' extending into King's hair is not detectable without a glass. A very nice type-piece, possibly the finest example we've handled
1.World Coinage $120-150 None
36 A Great Britain Small Beads Elizabeth Six Pence
A 1964 English Six Pence, "Small Beads" variety newly-discovered by a keen eyed Ottawa collector. In a typical example, the "A" in Elizabeth points squarely between two beads at rim, where as the Small Beads example has the "A" pointing leftward to a bead. Lot of 2 circulated coins, representing both varieties
1.World Coinage $10-20 None
37 A pair of Classic Queen Anne Silver issues
Great Britain, an attractive Queen Anne Shilling of 1711 (KM.533.2) Fine-15 with fully-sharp legends; offered together with a nice Anne Four-Pence of 1710 F-VF, KM.515. (Lot of 2 coins)
1.World Coinage ($90-100) None
38 Great Britain
One Shilling 1723 South Sea Company (KM.539.3), gVF and a nice George I type-piece
1.World Coinage $120-140 None
39 Great Britain
One Shilling 1950 George VI (KM.876), Proof striking; offered together with a Six Pence 1953 for Elizabeth's Coronation (KM.889), also a better Proof Striking. (Lot of 2 coin)
1.World Coinage $30-35 None
40 A nice Half Crown of William III
Great Britain Half Crown 1697 of William III (KM.491.7), pleasant VG-Fine with fully-bold obverse legends, and readable date and reverse text
1.World Coinage $90-110 None
41 An impressive Queen Anne Crown!
Great Britain Crown 1713 of Queen Anne (KM.536), "Roses and Plumes" issue struck after the union of England and Scotland, rather conservatively-graded Fine-15 by ICCS, with softly-lustrous even grey toning; a small patch of lighter toning on Queen's cheek. The final Crown issued under Anne, and a great piece of numismatic history
1.World Coinage $400-450 None
42 Great Britain
One Crown 1822 of George IV, "Tertio" edge-lettering (KM.680.2), pleasant Fine with light even grey toning
1.World Coinage $90-110 None
43 Great Britain
One Crown 1928 (KM.836), ICCS AU-55 with light even toning, and a scarcer George V "Wreath & Crown" issue
1.World Coinage $500-600 None
44 An attractive English "Christmas" Crown
Great Britain Crown 1936 of George V (KM.836), PCGS certified UNC Detail, "Cleaned". A nice coin, with the lightest of even grey toning and pleasant natural lustre over sharp detail. A scarce issue with mintage of just 2,473 pieces, traditionally struck later in the year for the Christmas season (Krause value in UNC of CDN $1,400)
1.World Coinage $700-800 None
45 A British Gold Half Guinea of 1793
Great Britain Half Guinea 1793 of George III (KM.608), ICCS VF-30 with nicely-detailed portrait, and sharp legends
1.World Coinage $500-600 None
46 A British Gold Half Guinea of 1797
Great Britain Half Guinea 1797 of George III (KM.608), ICCS VF-20 with nice sharp legends
1.World Coinage $400-450 None
47 A Victorian Maundy Set
An 1881 four-piece set of Royal Maundy coinage in Sterling Silver, consisting of Penny, Two, Three and Four Pence; average AU-UNC, housed individually in 2x2's with attractive variable toning
1.World Coinage $150-180 None
48 A lovely WWI Copper Type-Set
Great Britain, a three-piece set of 1918 Copper issues as follows: Farthing, ICCS MS-65; Half Penny, ICCS MS-64; and Penny, ICCS MS-65. All with original deep golden surfaces, and very challenging to assemble this nice (lot of 3 coins)
1.World Coinage $200-225 None
49 A Superb 2006 British VIP Presentation Set
A 13-piece set of English coinage, all Proof Sterling Silver strikings including Royal Maundy coinage, issued in 2006 to mark the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth. All individually-encapsulated - the Maundy coinage with a lovely kiss of gunmetal-blue toning around rims - and housed together in an impressive blue Royal Mint presentation case with certificates. With original issue price of $595 - the Maundy Set alone carries a current Krause value of almost $400.
1.World Coinage $380-400 None
50 A Dealer Lot of British Mint Proof and BU Singles
A dealer inventory of 535 modern English coins, all Proofs and Numismaic BU's broken out of British Mint Sets; includes 17 x Two Pence, 198 X Five Pence, 93 X Ten Pence, 73 X Twenty Pence, 58 X Fifty Pence, 44 X Two Pound, 55 X 1 Pound, and 4 X Five Pound. With dates ranging from 1968 to 2010, with current cumulative Krause value of $1,800+
1.World Coinage $750-850 None
51 A large and impressive Haiti Revolution Silver Proof
Haiti 25 Gourdes 1967 (KM.67.1) 10th Anniversary of Revolution (Rev: Traditional Art Objects), the large .999 Silver Proof striking with net Silver content of 3.77 oz
1.world Coinage $120 None
52 A Scarce Hawaiian Dollar
Hawaii One Dollar of 1883 (KM.7), ICCS EF-40 with variable grey-gold toning. The first such example we've handled in more than a decade
1.World Coinage $700-800 None
53 Haiti
A four-piece set of 1973 Proof .925 Silver Coins: 25 Gourdes X 2 (KM.102/3; Columbus, World Soccer Championships), 50 Gourdes X 2 (KM.104.1/106; Woman with Conch, Woman & Child). A pristine and brilliant set, in original mint pliofilm and folder (Krause value: US $90)
1.World Coinage $80 None
54 A British India Error Striking
1/4 Rupee 1892 of Victoria (KM.490) pleasant gVG with bold date & legends, struck notably off-center to the right, leaving a 3mm blank rim at reverse left. A neat-looking and desirable error
1.World Coinage $40-50 None
55 India
100 Rupees 1981-B Year of the Child (KM.277), PCGS PF-64 DCAM; a popular issue, although with curious Krause value of US $1,000+
1.World Coinage $150-200 None
56 Iran
A Silver 5000 Dinars SH1306-H (1927), Reza Shah Pahlavi (KM.1106; Heaton Mint), nice AU/UNC with light golden toning
1.World Coinage $80-100 None
57 Italian States: Sardinia
5 Lire 1825-L (KM.116.1), ICCS VF-20 with dark even obverse toning over clean and attractive fields, lighter variable reverse toning with some nice patches of lustre
1.World Coinage $200-220 None
58 A Scarce & Choice Kazakhstan Commemorative
500 Tenge 2000 Leopard (KM.35), PCGS Proof-70 DCAM; the solo-finest certified example to date, and among the most sought-after of all modern Kazakh commemoratives
1.World Coinage $600-650 None
59 Lesotho
10 Maloti 1976 (KM.13) 10th Annivesary of Independence, Silver Proof with frosted detailing
1.World Coinage $40 None
60 Malawi
10 Kwacha 1978 Antelope (KM.16), BU and a nice large African Crown
1.World Coinage $40 None
61 Palestine
5 Mils 1944 KM.3a, PCGS MS-64 Red; a choice type-piece for the issue, with bright lustrous red surfaces
1.World Coinage $180-200 None
62 An impressive Pitcairn Tallship Proof
Pitcairn Islands 50 Dollars 1988 "Drafting of the Constitution" (KM.1), a huge 5 oz .999 Silver Proof with lovely tallship on reverse. In original Royal Mint case with certificate
1.World Coinage $180 None
63 Straits Settlements
50 Cents 1887 of Victoria (KM.13), ICCS VF-20 with light, even grey toning; a nice-looking piece, with bold date & legends (Krause: U.S. $260)
1.World Coinage $200-240 None
64 Sudan
20 Piastres 2006 (KM.124; bimetal) with water-buffalo on reverse; accompanied by a 5.02 gram bimetal blank planchet for the issue. (Lot of 2 coins)
1.World Coinage $35-40 None
65 A Choice Certified Taiwan Proof Set
A five-piece set of 1994 Taiwan coinage, consisting of 1/2 Yuan, Yuan, 5 Yuan, 10 Yuan and 50 Yuan, each PCGS Proof-69 Deep Cameo, except for the 50 Yuan which is Proof-68. The only examples for the date certified by PCGS in any grade, and a nice opportunity for the China/Taiwan specialist
1.World Coinage $400-495 None
66 An Impressive collection of Tristan Da Cunha Commemorative Crowns
A diverse collection of 12 One Crown coins, most gold-plated with coloured accents, consisting of: 2015 Queen Elizabeth tribute, 2017 Titanic, and 10-piece set of 2016 "Magna Carta Legacy" issues. Also includes partial 5-piece set of "Confederation of Canada" Proof Silver-plated medalions (each with full-colour flag on reverse), 4 pieces of "Diana Princess of Wales" gold-plated medallions with full-colour reverses, and an 8-piece set of John F. Kennedy gold-plated commemorative medallions, together with - perhaps most impressively - a huge 65mm gold-plated Five Crown issue of Tristan Da Cunha, commemorating (in colour) Princess Diana. A total of 32 varied Crowns and medallions, all housed in five attractive wooden presentation cases, with mind-numbing cumulative issue price of $2,100.
1.World Coinage $400-500 None
67 Turks and Caicos
20 Crowns 1993 Apollo II Moon Landing 25th Anniversary (KM.142), One ounce .999 Silver Proof, in box of issue. Offered together with a 38mm bronze Apollo Mission medal, and 35mm aluminum Apollo II medalion with Aldrin/Armstrong/Collins portraits. (Lot of 3 items)
1.World Coinage $35 None
68 A Trio of Thai Bullet Coinage
Thailand (Siam), 1/4 Baht Ayuthaya, 3.52 grams; 1/8 Baht (Fuang) Rama IV, P'ra Tao (1851-68); together with a 1/8 Baht possible burial piece: Shih T'ong, "Corpse, To Share In". Lot of three small bullet-coins, each in original notated 2x2 from the collection of the late Frank Fesco
1.World Coinage $25 None
69 A Tonga Palladium issue
Tonga 1/4 Hau 1967 (KM.21), struck in .980 Palladium for the Coronation of Tupou IV. With edge-inscription "Historically the First Palladium Coinage"; ICCS certified MS-65 (net Palladium content of 1/2 oz).
1.World Coinage $1,000-1,100 None
70 Ukraine
10 Hryven 1996 Petro Mohyla (KM.34) Silver Proof, PCGS PF-69 DCAM, with current Krause value of US $850.
1.World Coinage $600-700 None
71 An early U.S. Copper Trio
United States Half Cent 1804 decent Abt.Good with bold date and light surface-pricks on portrait side; Half Cent 1834 Good-VG, with bold VG obverse and sharp date, and comparable reverse except that center of coin (denomination) has been deliberately scratched down; offered together with a One Cent 1798, naturally worn Filler with readable date and bare outline of portrait. (Lot of 3 coins)
1.World Coinage $60-80 None
72 United States
One Cent 1857 "Flying Eagle", VG with clear legends and bold date; a nice example of this earliest U.S. Small Cent
1.World Coinage $40 None
73 United States
One Cent 1873 "Indian Head", nice Fine with good sharp detail and light even brown toning; some early digs in cheek are detectable, thought not distracting
1.World Coinage $60-75 None
74 A nice starter set of U.S. Small Cents
A Uni-Safe album containing 121 United States Small Cents (including 3 X Flying Eagle, 41 X Indian Head), including 1857 & 1858x2 Flying Eagles, 1859 through 1863, 1873-5, 1909 Indian & Lincolns, 1914-S, etc. All in varying grade Abt. Good or better. A good starter set, with cumulative retail value of at least $200.
1.World Coinage $120-150 None
75 United States
United States 3 Cents Silver 1861, ICCS VF-30 with medium even grey toning, and nice sharp detail; a pleasantly-original example of this neat Civil War-era issue
1.World Coinage $80 None
76 United States
Five Cents 1886 "Liberty", Good with clear legends and fully-bold date, fine light pitting throughout. An excellent filler example of this scarce key date (Catalogue in Good: U.S. $225)
1.World Coinage $100-130 None
77 United States
Ten Cents 1917-D "Mercury", gVF with light golden toning
1.World Coinage $25 None
78 A nice run of Silver Roosevelt Dimes
A run of sixteen Roosevelt dimes, rescued from a decreped old Whitman folder, as follows:1946, 1946D, 1946S, 1947S, 1948, 1948D, 1948S, 1950, 1954D, 1954S, 1955, 1955D, 1955S, 1956, 1957D, and 1958. All UNC, many with attractive violet-gold toning, etc. An excellent starter set for a mint-state collection, estimated at the minimum cumulative retail
1.World Coinage $60 None
79 A United States Twenty Cent piece
U.S. Twenty Cents 1875-S, cleaned VG with sharp date and legends; offered together with a Twenty-five Cents of 1875, net abt.Good with decent Good obverse and bold sharp date. (Lot of 2 coins)
1.World Coinage $120-140 None
80 United States
Twenty-five Cents 1932-S, pleasant Good with clear date and mint-mark, 80% of "United States of America" clearly visit on reverse. A key date/mint-mark for the entire Washington Quarter series
1.World Coinage $60-80 None
81 United States
50 Cents 1829 Capped Bust (KM.37), ICCS VF-20 with dark even toning over flawless fields
1.World Coinage $80-100 None
82 An attractive Civil War Half Dollar
United States 50 Cents 1863, ICCS AU-50 with light steel-grey toning and sharp detail. An attractive example of this classic Seated Liberty Half Dollar
1.World Coinage $300-350 None
83 A Choice Columbian Half Dollar
United States 1892 Columbian Exposition Half Dollar, choice Uncirculated with lovely blue-gold toning over lustrous, flawless fields, subtle hints of green. A very nice type-piece for this two-year commemorative issue
1.World Coinage $60-80 None
84 United States
Half Dollar 1942 "Walking Liberty", nice AU, quite lightly-toned
1.World Coinage $30 None
85 A Seated Liberty Trade Dollar
United States Silver "Trade Dollar" 1874 (KM.108), ICCS EF-40 with even medium toning and problem-free fields. An original, nicely-detailed example
1.World Coinage $250-300 None
86 United States
One Dollar "Morgan" 1880-CC, ANACS certified Good-4 with bold date and legends, and even medium grey toning. A decent and afforable example of this scarcer Carson City issue
1.World Coinage $150 None
87 United States
One Dollar "Morgan" 1880-S, lovely frosted BU with lustrous satin fields and quite minor bagginess of cheek, etc. A flashy coin!
1.World Coinage $60-75 None
88 United States
United States Morgan Silver Dollar 1885, ICCS MS-63 with brilliant milky-white surfaces, and a touch of golden toning around rims
1.World Coinage $75 None
89 United States
One Dollar 1921 VF-30 with light golden toning, and a solid example of this key-date "Peace" Silver Dollar
1.World Coinage $100-120 None
90 United States
One Dollar 1928-S, VF with light golden toning
1.World Coinage $45 None
91 United States
One Dollar 1999-P "Susan B. Anthony" (KM.207) Proof, offered together with a 2009-S "Planting Crops" Sacagawea Dollar, also gem Proof. (Lot of 2 coins)
1.World Coinage $25-30 None
92 United States
One Dollar 2011 Medal of Honor, Proof Silver Commemorative
1.World Coinage $40 None
93 A nice lot of U.S. Silver Dollars
A nice lot of 53 United States Silver Dollars, 21 "Morgan" examples, the balance of 32 pieces being the later "Liberty"design. Morgans include 1897, 1890 and 1901, the balance being 1921's, while Peace coins cover most dated 1922 to 1927, together with 1934 and 1935. All in varying circulated grades of preservation, and an excellent foundation for the collecting of these popular Silver Dollars. (Lot of 53 coin)
1.World Coinage 1,200-1,300 None
94 An Early Vatican Mint Set
A partial 1937 Mint Set of Vatican City, seemingly in original blue box but now of somewhat mixed contents, as follows: 5 Centesimi 1937 (KM.1), 10 Centesimi 1937 (KM.2), 20 Centesimi 1937 (KM.3), 50 Centesimi 1934 (KM.4), 1 Lira 1937 (KM.5), 2 Lire 1937 (KM.6), 5 Lire 1932 (KM.7; Silver), 10 Lire 1937 (KM.8; Silver), together with a further 5 Lira 1953 (KM.51.1). An intriguing mixed set, with some uncertainty as to how scarce the case itself is. We believe our estimate to be conservative
1.World Coinage $100-120 None
95 Zaire
5 Zaires 1975 Okapi (Zebra Giraffe) KM.10, Silver Proof
1.World Coinage $40 None
96 Zambia
10 Kwacha 1979 Taita Falcon (KM.19) Silver Proof, with mirrored fields
1.World Coinage $40 None
97 An Interesting Edward VIII Type-Set
A 12-piece set of diverse circulation-strike coins issued in the name of King Edward VIII (all 1936), as follows: British West Africa, 1/10 Penny, 1/4 Penny, and Penny (all VF); East Africa, 5 and 10 Cents (circulated); Indian Kutch, 3 Dodka Abt.VF, Silver Kori AU, Silver 2 1/2 Kori gVF, and Silver 5 Kori AU/UNC; Indian Jodhpur 1/4 Anna gFine; New Guinea Penny, UNC; together with Fiji Penny UNC. All in earlier 2x2's, and a most interesting grouping (Lot of 12 coins)
1.World Coinage $100-120 None
98 One Cent 1858
ICCS VF-30, with even light-brown surfaces
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $190-210 None
99 One Cent 1858
ICCS EF-40 Lacquered, with some nice hints of original lustre throughout
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200-220 None
100 One Cent 1859 Wide 9/8
ICCS VF-20 with dark even surfaces and a nice sharp date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $90 None
101 One Cent 1859 DP N9 #2
ICCS Good-4 with dark even surfaces and a nice clear date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50-60 None
102 One Cent 1891 LL SD, Obverse 2
ICCS Fine-15
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $160 None
103 One Cent 1909
ICCS MS-62 Red & Brown
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50 None
104 One Cent 1910
ICCS MS-63 Red & Brown, with some nice even lustre, a couple of toning spots near obverse rim
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $65 None
105 One Cent 1911
ICCS MS-64 Red & Brown, with nice lustre throughout
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $90-100 None
106 One Cent 1912
ICCS MS-64 Red & Brown, nice underlying lustre in fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-110 None
107 One Cent 1914
ICCS MS-63 Red & Brown, with nice lustrous fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $90-100 None
108 One Cent 1914
ICCS MS-64 Red, with nice subdued toning over lustrous satin fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200 None
109 One Cent 1915
ICCS MS-64 Red & Brown with some good red lustre, and a couple patches of darker toning at bottom and upper-right of reverse
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-120 None
110 One Cent 1916
ICCS MS-64 Red, with strong red lustre and a slightly darker, translucent patch of toning to right of obverse portrait
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-115 None
111 One Cent 1918
ICCS MS-64 Red with nice even golden lustre
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-110 None
112 One Cent 1921
ICCS MS-62 Red & Brown, with some nice hints of lustre around rims and throughout reverse fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80 None
113 One Cent 1954 No Shoulder Fold
ICCS PL-62 Trace Red, and an affordable example of this scarce Elizabeth Cent variety
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $600-700 None
114 One Cent 1955 No Shoulder Fold
ICCS Fine-15, and a pleasant example of this scarce One Cent variety
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200 None
115 A Very Scarce "No Shoulder Fold" Cent
1955 No Shoulder Fold, ICCS MS-63 Red & Brown; an attractive coin with even subdued lustre, and the only mint-state example we've handled in 20 years
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $1,800-2,000 None
116 One Cent 1965 Variety Set
A four-piece set of uncirculated 1965 One Cent varieties, the Type IV Brown, housed in a custom Capital Plastics holder
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $15 None
117 One Cent 1979 Doubled "979"
ICCS MS-64 Red, with nice doubling of date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $20 None
118 One Cent 1979 Doubled "979"
ICCS MS-64 Red, a second example
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $20 None
119 Five Cents 1875H Small Date
ICCS Good-4, slightly-bent near left reverse rim; with light even toning and a clear date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80 None
120 Five Cents 1885 Large 5
ICCS Fine-15, nice even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $65 None
121 Five Cents 1904
ICCS EF-40, Cleaned; remains attractive, free of visible scratches with bright fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $20 None
122 Five Cents 1908 Small "8"
ICCS MS-63 with attractive golden toning, hints of gunmetal-blue throughout; a lovely example of the first Ottawa-struck Five Cent Silver
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $280-300 None
123 Five Cents 1925
ICCS Fine-15
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $120 None
124 Five Cents 1925
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $140 None
125 Five Cents 1926 Far "6"
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $160-180 None
126 Five Cents 1926 Far "6"
ICCS VF-20, a decent example of this key-date Nickel
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $290-310 None
127 Five Cents 1926 Far "6"
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $400-450 None
128 Five Cents 1937 Dot
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $30 None
129 Five Cents 1937 Dot
ICCS MS-64; offered together with a matching 10 Cents 1937, ICCS MS-64 with light golden toning. Lot of 2 coins (Trends: $110)
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $90-100 None
130 Five Cents 1947 Dot
gFine, with a couple typical surface-scratches
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $35 None
131 Five Cents 1953 Shoulder Fold
ICCS MS-64, with nice steel-blue fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $20 None
132 Five Cents 1953 NSF Mule
1953 NSF Near Leaf Mule, ICCS VF-20 "Scratches", with typical dominant obverse scratch or two (Trends: $300)
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200-225 None
133 Five Cents 1953 NSF Mule
1953 NSF Near Leaf Mule, ICCS VF-30 without the typical heavy scratch often found on this issue
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $350-400 None
134 A Nice Nickel Date-Set
A complete date-set of Canadian Five Cent Nickels, 1922 to 1966, total of 53 coins including both key dates - 1925 Fine, and 1926 Far 6, VG - the balance in typical circulated condition. Housed in a second-generation Whiteman album with sliding plastic sleeves on each side, and cumulative retail of about $300
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $220-240 None
135 Ten Cents 1858
ICCS VG-10 with light even grey surfaces, and fully-bold date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50 None
136 Ten Cents 1858
ICCS VF-20 with just a touch of light golden toning over bright surfaces
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $110 None
137 Ten Cents 1871
ICCS Fine-15 with light even grey surfaces and sharp detailing
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $110-120 None
138 Ten Cents 1890H
ICCS VF-20, light even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $150 None
139 Ten Cents 1913 Broad Leaves
ICCS VF-20 with light to medium grey surfaces, sharp date & denomination and quite lightly-pitted fields (not referenced on holder). Cat.$550
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $350-400 None
140 Ten Cents 1914
ICCS EF-45, quite lightly-toned with a hint of gold over nice lustrous fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $55 None
141 Ten Cents 1918
ICCS AU-55 with bright white fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50 None
142 Ten Cents 1928
ICCS MS-63 with frosted golden fields, and a rich band of violet-blue toning around rims; a very nice type-piece
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $180-200 None
143 Ten Cents 1936
ICCS AU-55 with medium grey-gold toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50 None
144 Ten Cents 1940 Doubled 194
ICCS MS-63 wth brilliant surfaces and lightly-frosted portrait
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $90 None
145 A Canada-Barbados Error Strike
Canada Ten Cents 1973, struck on a 2.24 cupro-nickel planchet intended for a Barbados Ten Cents. The result, while not visually distinctive, is a Canadian Dime that is non-magnetic. Offered together with both a 1973 Canadian Dime on standard Nickel planchet, as well as a Barbados cupro-nickel Ten Cents of the same date. Total of 3 coins, and an interesting study-piece
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50-60 None
146 20 Cents 1858
ICCS VF-20 with even light to medium grey toning over very nice fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $180 None
147 Twenty-five Cents 1871 Obverse 1
ICCS Good-4 with light grey toning and clear date & legends; a pleasant example of this scarcer Obverse variety
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $60 None
148 Twenty-five Cents 1875H
ICCS Good-4, Scratches; a naturally-worn piece with light grey surfaces, and a couple early vertical scratches to left of "25" on reverse that are fairly subtle without use of a glass, and which do not overly detract. A decent collectible examle of this scarce key-date Victorian Quarter
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $240-260 None
149 Twenty-five Cents 1880H Narrow 0 over Wide 0
ICCS VG-10 with even light grey toning, and a small planchet flaw/peel at right side of Queen's neck, beside ribbon. A pleasant example of this scarcer variety, with bold date & legends
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200-240 None
150 Twenty-five Cents 1900
ICCS AU-50 with light pinkish toning and sharp detail; an attractive type-piece
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $300-350 None
151 A Scarce "Small Crown" Quarter
1906 "Small Crown" Twenty-five Cents of Edward VII, ICCS certified Abt.Good-3, "Damaged". A naturally-worn coin with light grey toning and fully-clear date; obverse shows a small circular pattern of scratches over King's neck (about the size of a pencil eraser-head) that are clear, yet do not overly detract. An affordable example of this scarcest of Canadian Quarter varieties, with current Trends value in Good of $1,600.
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $800-900 None
152 Twenty-five Cents 1934
ICCS EF-45 with light grey-gold toning and nice problem-free fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $120-140 None
153 Twenty-five Cents 1940
ICCS MS-64 with light grey-gold reverse toning, and deep violet-golden obverse toning with a swath of gunmetal-blue around rims
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $90-100 None
154 Twenty-five Cents 1942
ICCS MS-63 with medium grey-gold toning over lustrous obverse, and interesting reverse with vertical swath of frosty-white toning down center, rich patch of golden-blue toning to left and right
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50 None
155 Twenty-five Cents 1944
ICCS MS-64 with most attractive pink-gold toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-120 None
156 Twenty-five Cents 1948
ICCS MS-64 with attractive light pink-gold toning over lustrous fields; a superior type-piece for this notable date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $240-260 None
157 Twenty-five Cents 1950
ICCS MS-63, a brilliant example with nice lustre
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $30 None
158 Twenty-five Cents 1954
ICCS MS-64, quite lightly-toned over brilliant fields, with a soft patch of violet-golden toning towards obverse-bottom. A choice business-strike example for the date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $130-150 None
159 Twenty-five Cents 1969
ICCS Prooflike-64 "Ultra Heavy Cameo", and the most remarkable example we've handled for the date with choice frosted Caribou and Queen. An inexpensive coin extremely challenging to find nicer!
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $25 None
160 Twenty-five Cents 1973 "Large Bust"
ICCS Specimen-65, and a choice example of this popular R.C.M.P. variety
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $220-240 None
161 Twenty-five Cents 1973 Large Bust
ICCS MS-62, and a scarcer grade for this popular variety of the R.C.M.P. Quarter
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $450-500 None
162 Twenty-five Cents 1999 November "Mule"
ICCS MS-66 Numismatic BU, and a top example of this "Seaplane" coin inadvertantly struck without a denomination
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $160-180 None
163 Twenty-five Cents 1999 September "Mule"
ICCS MS-65 Numismatic BU, and the second "Children's Drawing" mule to be struck without a denomination
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $125-140 None
164 Fifty Cents 1870 L.C.W.
ICCS VG-8, with even medium-dark reverse toning, and and a swatch of lighter obverse toning over upper-half of Queen's portrait
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $70-80 None
165 Fifty Cents 1870 L.C.W.
ICCS VG-8, an attractive example with even light-grey fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $85 None
166 A very scarce 1870 No LCW Half Dollar
Canada 1870 Fifty Cents no "LCW" variety (also missing distinct shamrock in tiera, a key element in verifying the authenticity of this variety); bold Good with sharp obverse legends, some softness of date on reverse; a solid example of one of the most sought-after and elusive of all Victorian Silver coins, well-worth the current Trends value
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $900 None
167 Fifty Cents 1881H
Nice Good-6, with fully-bold date and denomination
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $90 None
168 Fifty Cents 1888 Obverse 3
ICCS Good-4, with even grey toning and clear date & denomination
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200 None
169 Fifty Cents 1890H Obverse 4
ICCS Abt.Good-3, with light grey toning and clear date & denomination; a couple obverse scratches are neither overly distracting or mentioned on holder. A decent, entry-level example of this increasingly scarce Victorian Half
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $800-900 None
170 Fifty Cents 1894
ICCS Abt.Good-3, with pleasant light grey surfaces and bold date & denomination; a solid example of this scarce Victorian half
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $300-350 None
171 Fifty Cents 1899
decent Good with bold date & denomination, obverse reveals a small dig just under Queen's bun, and minor rim-bruise after "A" in "Gratia" (neither of which are detectible from the reverse)
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-120 None
172 Fifty Cents 1899
ICCS Good-6, with light even grey toning and fully-bold date & denomination
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200-220 None
173 Fifty Cents 1905
Decent Good with nice bold date, and very subtle hints of a couple superficial edge-bruises
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-120 None
174 Fifty Cents 1905
ICCS VG-10, and a solid example of this Scarce Edwardian issue with evenly-toned, light grey fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $400-425 None
175 Fifty Cents 1906
ICCS VF-30, with nice light-to-medium grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $280-300 None
176 Fifty Cents 1907
ICCS VF-20 with just a hint of light toning over bright pleasant fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $130-140 None
177 Fifty Cents 1907
ICCS VF-20, with light and even grey toning over flawless fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $130-140 None
178 Fifty Cents 1909
sharp Fine, with light even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $90-110 None
179 Fifty Cents 1913
ICCS VF-20 with quite light even toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200-220 None
180 Fifty Cents 1914
ICCS VG-8 with light and even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50 None
181 Fifty Cents 1914
ICCS VG-10 with light even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $70-80 None
182 Fifty Cents 1914
ICCS Fine-15, with pleasant even grey toning; a nice bold example for the date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $180-200 None
183 Fifty Cents 1916
ICCS VF-30 with light and even grey-gold toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $140-160 None
184 Fifty Cents 1917
ICCS VF-30, with just a touch of light golden toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-120 None
185 Fifty Cents 1918
ICCS VF-20 with just a hint of light toning; an extremely light obverse rim-bruise at "2:00" is not mentioned on holder, and does not detract
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $40-50 None
186 Fifty Cents 1919
ICCS VF-30 with medium grey-toning and some nice sharp detailing
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $90-100 None
187 Fifty Cents 1920 Wide "0"
ICCS VF-20 with quite light even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200 None
188 Fifty Cents 1932
ICCS Good-6, a pleasant example with even medium-grey toning and bold date & legends
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $110-120 None
189 Fifty Cents 1932
ICCS VG-8 with light and even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $160-170 None
190 Fifty Cents 1932
ICCS VG-10 with light even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200-220 None
191 Fifty Cents 1936
ICCS Fine-12 with medium even grey-gold toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $60 None
192 Fifty Cents 1936
ICCS Fine-15 with even medium grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80-90 None
193 Fifty Cents 1936
ICCS VF-20 with light grey-gold toning, and some nice underlying lustre around rims
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $120 None
194 Fifty Cents 1939
ICCS EF-45 with just a hint of light golden toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $45 None
195 Fifty Cents 1942
ICCS EF-45 with medium grey-gold toning, subtle hints of blue on reverse
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $20 None
196 Fifty Cents 1939
ICCS EF-45 with light pink-gold toning, and hints of blue around lower reverse rim
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $40-50 None
197 Fifty Cents 1942
ICCS MS-63 with light toning over some nice underlying lustre
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80-90 None
198 Fifty Cents 1942
ICCS MS-64 with attractive light golden toning over lustrous, satin fields, nice touches of gunmetal blue around right reverse rim
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $200-220 None
199 Fifty Cents 1946
ICCS MS-64 with medium grey-gold obverse toning, slightly lighter on reverse
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $290-$310 None
200 Fifty Cents 1946 Design in 6
ICCS VF-30, also known as "Hoof" in 6
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $150-180 None
201 Fifty 1947 Cents Straight 7
ICCS MS-63 with light to medium golden toning over nice lustrous fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $260-280 None
202 Fifty Cents 1947 Straight 7
ICCS MS-62 with attractive golden-pink toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $175 None
203 Fifty Cents 1947 Maple Leaf
ICCS VF-20 with light even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $55 None
204 Fifty Cents 1947 Maple Leaf
ICCS VF-30 with quite light golden toning and some nice lustre
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80 None
205 Fifty Cents 1947 Maple Leaf
ICCS VF-30 with even medium grey-gold toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80 None
206 Fifty Cents 1947 Maple Leaf
ICCS EF-40 with light even grey-gold obverse toning, slightly darker golden toning on reverse
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-110 None
207 Fifty Cents 1948
ICCS Fine-15, with a tiny obverse rim-nick (not mentioned on holder)
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $150 None
208 Fifty Cents 1948
ICCS VF-30 with light to medium golden-grey toning, nice underlying lustre
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $180 None
209 Fifty Cents 1948
ICCS EF-45, lightly-toned with lustrous surfaces
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $210-$220 None
210 Fifty Cents 1949 Hoof over 9
ICCS Fine-12 with light even grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $35 None
211 Fifty Cents 1950 No Design
ICCS Fine-12, with light grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $20 None
212 Fifty Cents 1951
ICCS MS-64, Brilliant & lustrous milky-white fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50-60 None
213 Fifty Cents 1953 Small Date
ICCS MS-65 with deep variable grey-gold toning on obverse, similar although slightly lighter reverse toning, subtle hints of blue around rims
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $120-140 None
214 Fifty Cents 1955
ICCS Prooflike-64, Brilliant with white mirrored fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $45 None
215 Fifty Cents 1982 Small Beads, Type 2
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $35 None
216 Fifty Cents 1982 Small Beads, Type 2
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80-100 None
217 50 Cents 2002 "Jubilee"
Fifty Cents 2002 Jubilee commemorative, Proof Sterling Silver striking issued only as part of the Special Edition Proof Set for the year. PCGS PR-69 DCAM, with lovely mirrored fields and fully-frosted relief. A surprisingly ellusive coin to find, and one of only five examples certified by PCGS in all grades
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $60-70 None
218 A Choice George V Dollar
One Dollar 1936, ICCS MS-65 with light pink-gold toning over satin fields. One of the finest examples we've handled for the date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $550-600 None
219 One Dollar 1937
ICCS MS-62 with attractive light violet-gold toning over lustrous fields; a light scratch across cheek is detectable, and not mentioned on holder
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50 None
220 One Dollar 1939
ICCS MS-63, a superior example with deep violet-golden toning, strong hints of blue around rims, somewhat more variable on reverse
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $40-50 None
221 One Dollar 1945
decent VG, with bold date and light grey fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $100-$120 None
222 One Dollar 1945
ICCS AU-50 with just a kiss of light golden toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $300-350 None
223 One Dollar 1947 Pointed 7, D.P. "HP"
ICCS AU-50, quite lightly-toned
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $300 None
224 One Dollar 1947 Blunt 7
ICCS EF-40 with light even toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $150 None
225 One Dollar 1947 Blunt 7
ICCS EF-40, with just a touch of light golden toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $150 None
226 One Dollar 1947 Blunt 7
ICCS VF-30, quite lightly-toned
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $125 None
227 One Dollar 1947 Blunt 7
ICCS MS-62, with light grey-gold toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $300 None
228 One Dollar 1947 Maple Leaf
Pleasant Fine with light grey toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $180-200 None
229 A pleasant "King" of Silver Dollars
One Dollar 1948, PCGS AU-58 with nice brilliant surfaces and typical superficial business of fields.
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $1,800 None
230 One Dollar 1950 & 1951
ICCS MS-60 with a hint of violet-gold toning; offered together with One Dollar 1951 ICCS MS-62 with quite light pink-gold toning (Lot of 2 coins)
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $65 None
231 One Dollar 1953 Shoulder Fold
ICCS MS-62 with very nice light golden toning, and a swath of violet around bottom obverse rim; quite choice for the grade
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $25 None
232 One Dollar 1965 Type 4
Large Beads, Pointed 5; PCGS certified Prooflike-66 DCAM, and a wonderful example with brilliant mirrored fields, and popping frosted cameo portrait
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $75 None
233 One Dollar 1953 No Shoulder Fold
ICCS MS-64 with light to medium golden toning, and a swatch of darker toning around left obverse rim
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $60-70 None
234 One Dollar 1957 1 Water Line
ICCS MS-63, and a brilliant example of this sometimes elusive variety
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $60 None
235 One Dollar 1958 Totem Pole
ICCS MS-63, with medium variable pink-gold toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $30 None
236 One Dollar 1958 Totem Pole
ICCS MS-64 with rich medium obverse toning in violet-gold hues, lighter golden reverse toning
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $60-70 None
237 One Dollar 1958 Totem Pole
ICCS MS-65 with even pink-gold toning, much underlying lustre
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $240-$260 None
238 One Dollar 1965 Type Set
A five-piece set of 1965 Voyageur Silver Dollar varieties, all typical UNC's, housed in a Capital Plastic holder
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $75-85 None
239 One Dollar 1966
ICCS MS-64 with rich golden-toning, subtle hints of blue
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $60 None
240 A Choice Elizabeth Dollar
One Dollar 1966 Large Beads, ICCS MS-65 with deep golden obverse toning, variable grey-gold reveres toning, all over highly-lustrous fields
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $250-300 None
241 A 1975 Calgary Silver Dollar with Designer Autograph
A 1975 Calgary Stampede Commemorative Silver Dollar, housed in a special 20x16cm blue presentation folder prepared by the artist, Donald Paterson. Includes his small booklet "How to Make a Dollar", as well as a nice jumbo image of the coin with Paterson's autograph at bottom. A nice initiative, and a neat piece of memorabilia!
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $25-35 None
242 One Dollar 1911-2001
The special edition 2001 Proof Silver Dollar, struck to mark the 90th anniversary of Canada's famed 1911 Silver Dollar patterns. PCGS Proof-69 DCAM, with no higher-graded examples to date
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50-60 None
243 One Dollar 2002 Queen Mother
The 2002 Special Edition Proof Silver Dollar, struck to commemorate the death of Queen Elzabeth, the Queen Mother. In original fresh box and case of issue, and an ever-popular coin
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $125-150 None
244 One Dollar 2005 Proof Canada Flag
Canada One Dollar 2005 "Canada Flag" Proof Silver striking wth gold-plate flag on reverse; PCGS Proof-69 DCAM
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $70-80 None
245 One Dollar 2006 Proof Victoria Cross
Special Edition gold-plated Victoria Cross striking, PCGS PR-69 DCAM
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80-90 None
246 One Dollar 2006 Loon & Teddy Bear
A 2006 Loon One Dollar in Proof Sterling Silver, with Teddy Bear and Crescent Moon in sky above. From the scarcer 2006 Baby Sterling Proof set, and a cute piece
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $50 None
247 A neat Aviation Coin & Model Kit
Twenty Dollars Canadair CP-107 Argus coin in Proof Sterling Silver with Gold cameo portrait, a very cool version we have never seen with coin housed in aluminum "airplane wing" case as usual, but itself then set into a long RCM box containing a cardboard model of the Argus plane.
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80-100 None
248 The Original Superman Gold
Canada Seventy-five Dollars 2013 "Superman The Early Years" coin in 14K Gold, with numbered certificate 1589 out of just 2,000 pieces struck. An instant sell-out, and among the most sought-after gold issues of the past decade
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $1,500 None
249 A Very Rare Calgary Olympic Gold Error
Canada One Hundred Dollars 1987 (Olympic Torch), No Edge Lettering, ICCS Proof-67 Ultra Heavy Cameo. A variety first discovered by the cataloguer more than 25 years ago, we believe this to be the first documented example ever offered at public auction. A unique opportunity for the Olympic coin enthusiast, and exceptionally rare
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $2,200-$2,400 None
250 The remarkable Star Trek Gold Delta Coin
Canada Two Hundred Dollars 2016, the cool Star Trek insignia-shaped issue containing .52 oz of .999 Gold. With numbered certificate 237 of just 1,500 pieces struck, and housed in original wooden presentation case
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $1,400 None
251 A Lovely Canadian Sovereign
A 1911-C Gold Sovereign, ICCS MS-64
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $750 None
252 A 1937 Specimen Set to a prominent Canadian Physician
A 1937 Matte Specimen Set of six coins, each ICCS certified as follows: Cent SP-62 Brown, Five Cents SP-64, Ten Cents SP-62, Twenty-five Cents SP-63, Fifty Cents SP-63, and Dollar SP-63; accompanied by scarcer red oblong presentation case with blue velvet/satin interior, and blue exterior label (Charlton Case #9d, originally produced for the 1911 Specimen Set). Included with the set is a small typed and signed dedication card: "To T. Howell Leggett, M.D. / In Appreciation / J. Fitzsimmons". Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Howell Leggett MD CM, was born in Exeter Ontario on June 4, 1878, although he moved to Almonte as a child where he obtained his early education (a classmate of the renowned sculptor, Robert Tait McKenzie). Later graduating from McGill medical school in 1901, he joined the medical staff of the County Carleton Protestant Hospital, and later the Ottawa Civic Hospital. Keenly interested in military affairs, he served as secretary for several years of the Association of Medical Officers of the Militia of Canada. With the outbreak of War, he was placed in charge of surgery for the returned men of the Ottawa District, commanding No.2 Field Ambulance of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. In 1937, he was installed as President of the Canadian Medical Association, later receiving, in February of 1951, the Academy of Medicine's Citation for fifty years in medical practice, just four months before his passing. A fine numismatic memento of a distinguished medical career, presumably given to Dr. Leggett by the executive of the CMA.
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $1,100-1,200 None
253 One Dollar 2002 Proof Accession
Canada One Dollar 2002 "Accession" of Queen Elizabeth, the special edition gold-plated striking, PCGS Proof-69 DCAM.
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $80-90 None
254 A nice set of 30th Anniversary Silver Maples
A three-piece set of Brilliant Uncirculated 2018 One Ounce Silver Maples, struck to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the coin's introduction, and consisting of the following: Standard "30" Silver Maple, a second example that has been Ruthenium-Plated, together with a third Gold-plated example. Each privately-slabbed by the Bradford Exchange, and housed in a wooden presentation case. An attractive set, nicely-presented
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $120 None
255 A Trio of Choice Certified 2015 Singles
A Ten, Twenty-five, and Fifty Cent coin trio of 2015, all NGC certified as "First Releases" with grade of Proof-69 Ultra Cameo on the Dime, and Proof-70 Ultra Cameo on the two higher denominations. (Lot of 3 coins)
2.Canadian Decimal Coinage $40-50 None
256 Newfoundland One Cent 1888
nice Fine, with perfectly even, light chocolate-brown surfaces
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $80 None
257 Newfoundland Cent 1936
ICCS MS-64 Red & Brown, and a nice type-piece with much subdued underlying red lustre in fields
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $180-200 None
258 Newfoundland Five Cents 1865
Fine, with medium toned fields, slightly lighter legends and devices; fully-bold date and denomination
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $90-100 None
259 Newfoundland Five Cents 1870
Obverse 1, ICCS Fine-15 with medium even grey toning
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $300-350 None
260 Newfoundland Five Cents 1873 Obverse 2
Abt.Good with all obverse text readable, and fairly bold "Cents" and date, with the "5" mostly obsured. An intensely-challenging date to now find in any grade
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $50-70 None
261 Newfoundland Five Cents 1876-H
ICCS Fine-12 "Edge Damage", referring to two tiny cuts on left rim (on obverse, at "CT" in "Victoria"); lightly-toned, with fully-bold date & denomination (Cat.$350)
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $200-250 None
262 Newfoundland Five Cents 1888 Obverse 3
lightly-toned VG with bold date & legends
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $80-90 None
263 Newfoundland Five Cents 1888
Obverse 3, ICCS VF-20 with a small dig/scrape above "WF" in "Newfoundland". With light even toning, and fully-bold date and legends
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $250-280 None
264 Newfoundland Five Cents 1890
bold Fine with light even grey toning, and a small patch of dark toning over "T" in "CENTS" that could lkely be removed
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $35 None
265 Newfoundland Five Cents 1945-C
ICCS MS-65 Cameo, a choice and fully-brilliant example
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $350 None
266 Newfoundland Five Cents 1946-C
bold Fine-VF, with some repair to "FO" in "Newfoundland" (reverse) that suggests a possible clasp removal. Variable light-to-medium grey surfaces, with sharp date and legends. A decent and affordable example of this "Prince" of Newfoundland coinage (Fine Trends: $700)
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $250-300 None
267 Newfoundland Ten Cents 1888
bold VG-10, with even medium reverse toning, and dark even toning in obverse fields, Victoria's portrait in slightly lighter contrast. A sharp and decent coin
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $85-100 None
268 Newfoundland Twenty Cents 1873
bold VG, with light even grey toning
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $40 None
269 Newfoundland Twenty Cents 1904-H
bold Fine, with light even grey toning; a single-year Edward VII issue
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $40 None
270 Newfoundland Fifty Cents 1885
nice VG, lightly-toned, with bold date and legends
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $50 None
271 New Brunswick Half Cent 1861
A well-detailed Fine example of this scarcer Maritime issue, however coin has been neatly "notched" around the entirety of its circumference (these notches are shallow, not penetrating beyond the rim). A perplexing though affordable example of this single-year denomination (Trends value: $300)
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $50-80 None
272 New Brunswick Five Cents 1862
decent Good-6, with sharp obverse legends, and distinct reverse denticals with readable date, some weakness to "EN' of "CENTS".
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $60-75 None
273 New Brunswick Ten Cents DP 2
Good, with clear obverse legends and decent date on reverse, worn "Cents" visible with scrutiny
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $70-80 None
274 New Brunswick Twenty Cents 1864
nice Fine with sharp detail and attractive even, light to medium toning
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $75 None
275 Nova Scotia Cent 1862
nice bold Good-6 with sharp date and reverse legends
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $60 None
276 Nova Scotia One Cent 1864
ICCS EF-40 with some interesting die-clash detail around reverse center
3.Newfoundland & Maritime Coinage $35 None
277 The Agricultural Bank
Four Dollars 1837, Franklin-Truscott, Payable in Montreal (20-12-04-06), BCS VF-20
4.Canadian Banknotes $200 None
278 Bank of Prince Edward Island
One Dollar 1877 McNutt-Haviland, Red Overprint (600-12-04a), serial #17400, BCS Good-6 with reference to Holes (actually a pair of margin-nicks at left and top), minor repaired tear, and minor stains. Remains a solid and presentable note. (Charlton: $350+)
4.Canadian Banknotes $200-250 None
279 Bank of Upper Canada
One Dollar 1820 (765-12-02), Good with partially-repaired/taped hole towards right center margin; offered together with an Agricultural Bank One Dollar/Five Shillings note of 1836, nice Fine for the issue. Lot of two early notes
4.Canadian Banknotes $100 None
280 Champlain & St. Lawrence Railroad
Half Dollar uniface note of 1837, an unissued remainder with image of steam railway at center, 4 Reale coin pictured left, with further equivalent denominations indicated of 3 Francs, UN Ecu, and 2 Shillings/6 Pence. Nice EF
4.Canadian Banknotes $25 None
281 Colonial Bank of Canada
Three Dollars 1859, Hopkins-Bettes (130-10-02-06), BCS VF-20 with quite minor tears, and minor pieces missing from left and right margins. Remains a pleasant and presentable note. (Charlton: $350)
4.Canadian Banknotes $180-200 None
282 Bank of Clifton
One Dollar 1859 fully-engraved date (125-10-04-02), VG with early tape-repair at right center margin on back, and a small residual white hinge near left back margin; a decent-looking note. (Charlton: $90)
4.Canadian Banknotes $75 None
283 Imperial Bank of Canada
Five Dollars 1933, Phipps-Rolph (375-20-02), BCS Fine-12 with minor tear, and scattered staining around margins, mainly on back. (Note: holder lists catalogue number for Ten Dollar issue, in error). Charlton value: $400.
4.Canadian Banknotes $250-300 None
284 Royal Bank of Canada
Twenty Dollars 1927 Wilson-Holt (Ch.630-14-12), pleasant crispy Abt.VF though with upper-right corner-tip missing (about 5mm into the note), and a single pin-hole near right margin. A decent display item, with problem-free catalogue value of about $275
4.Canadian Banknotes $80-100 None
285 Royal Bank of Canada
Ten Dollars 1933 Wilson-Holt (630-16-04), serial #111107, BCS VF-35; a fresh and attractive note, with clean jumbo margin at top
4.Canadian Banknotes $750-850 None
286 Bank of Toronto
Five Dollars 1912 (715-22-10), serial #811967, VG with small hole near center which does not detract, and tip of upper-left corner missing (about 4mm deep). Remains a pleasant-looking example of this scarcer Bank of Toronto note (Charlton: $550 in VG)
4.Canadian Banknotes $150-180 None
287 Westmorland Bank of New Brunswick
One Dollar 1861 Jones-Jones, Moncton issue (800-12-02a), BCS VG-8 with a pair of tiny staple-holes near center
4.Canadian Banknotes $150-180 None
288 Twenty-five Cents 1870 "Shinplaster"
DC-1c Dickinson-Harington BCS VF-20; although "Hole" is mentioned on the holder, we are unale to locate one even with a 5x glass. A clean and attractive example of Canada's first Shinplaster
4.Canadian Banknotes $150-200 None
289 Twenty-five Cent Shinplaster Lot of 4
A group of four different Twenty-five Cent notes: 1870 DC-1c nice VG, tiny edge-nicks at bottom margin; 1900 DC-15a Courtney, Fine, small foxing stain at right margin; 1900 DC-15c Saunders, VG; and DC-15b Boville VG-Fine. Lot of four notes (cumulative Charlton value: $80)
4.Canadian Banknotes $60-70 None
290 An intriguing pair of Consecutive Shinplasters
Twenty-five Cents 1923 Campbell-Clark (DC-24d), a consecutive pair with serial numbers 666331 & 666332. Unusually, the two notes appear as two different grades, the first (..331) Abt.Fine with small notch at lower-front margin, to right of center, while the second (..332) as a notably-fresher Fine-VF. (Lot of 2 notes)
4.Canadian Banknotes $35-45 None
291 One Dollar 1870 - a nice Contemporary Counterfeit
A convincing contemporary counterfeit printing of the DC-2b "Payable at Toronto" Jacques Cartier One Dollar issue (well-documented in Charlton), attractive Fine with a couple minor tears. A nice addition to any research collection on the era
4.Canadian Banknotes $200-300 None
292 One Dollar 1878 Countess of Dufferin
DC-8e-ii, Lettered Border, serial #B870132, BCS Good-6, Tears, Holes; remains a decent example of this very early Dollar note (Charlton: $175)
4.Canadian Banknotes $100-120 None
293 One Dollar 1897 Earl & Countess of Aberdeen
DC-12, Serial #44647, BCS Fine-12, Tears, Minor Missing Piece, Writing; remains a pleasant-looking note, with nice green colour on front and bottom-left corner-tip missing (not into design). A scarcer One Dollar "Logging" issue, with Charlton value of $1,400 in Fine
4.Canadian Banknotes $450-500 None
294 One Dollar 1898 Earl & Countess of Aberdeen
DC13b, Serial #887322, Outward Ones; BCS VG-10, with a group of tiny pin-holes at upper left, and reference to "Minor Tear" that we cannot detect. A solid-looking example of this popular "Logging note. VG-10 Charlton Value: $250.
4.Canadian Banknotes $150-180 None
295 One Dollar 1898 Earl & Countess of Aberdeen
One Dollar 1898, Boville (DC-13c), serial #262296, G-VG with a small round stain at back over first "L" in "DOLLAR"
4.Canadian Banknotes $75 None
296 One Dollar 1911 Lord & Lady Grey
DC-18d-I, Serial #133547-X, BCS VF-20 with reference to Minor Tears. A nice-looking note (Charlton: $375)
4.Canadian Banknotes $300-350 None
297 One Dollar 1917 Princess Patricia
DC-23a, No Seal, serial #418510-H, BCS VF-25
4.Canadian Banknotes $400-450 None
298 One Dollar 1917 Princess Patricia
Saunders, Seal Only (DC-23d), serial #J-346234A, G-VG with a square tape repair over bottom-right corner on back; offered together with a second example, One Dollar 1917 Saunders, No Seal (DC-23b), serial #W-541887, VG. (Lot of 2 notes)
4.Canadian Banknotes $75-90 None
299 One Dollar 1923
DC-25o, Campbell-Clark, Black Seal, Serial #E2688763, BCS VF-35
4.Canadian Banknotes $125 None
300 One Dollar 1923
DC-25j, McCavour-Saunders, Green Seal, Serial #C5694114, BCS VF-25, with reference to Minor Tears (Charlton: $180-200)
4.Canadian Banknotes $120 None
301 One Dollar 1923
DC-25n, Campbell-Sellar, Black Seal, #D1937774; VF
4.Canadian Banknotes $100 None
302 One Dollar 1923 Pair
DC-25a Hyndman-Saunders, Black Seal, serial #A-080585, bright Fine, once pressed; together with DC-25n Campbell-Sellar, Black Seal, serial #D1201928, VG with a quite minor tear/chip at top-center margin. Lot of 2 notes
4.Canadian Banknotes $90-110 None
303 One Dollar 1935
BC-1 English, #B3656659, BCS Fine-12
4.Canadian Banknotes $100 None
304 One Dollar 1937 Osborne-Towers
BC-21a, #B/A8131366, BCS VF-20
4.Canadian Banknotes $60 None
305 One Dollar 1954 Devil's Face
BC-29b Beattie-Coyne, #L/A5475629, BCS UNC-60
4.Canadian Banknotes $110 None
306 One Dollar 1954 Devil's Face
BC-29a Coyne-Towers, #D/A9611944, BCS UNC-62
4.Canadian Banknotes $180-200 None
307 A small group of 1954 Radar Notes
A group of four 1954 Beattie-Coyne One Dollar Radar notes, as follows: F/N4471744 gVF, F/N4040404 abt.VF, S/L1264621 VF, together with S/L1230321 gFine. (Lot of 4 notes)
4.Canadian Banknotes $15-20 None
308 An intact Centennial Dollar order from the Bank of Canada
A group of 6 Uncirculated 1967 Centennial One Dollar notes, with "1867 1967" no serial number variety, in original small Bank of Canada envelope sent by Registered Post on March 17, 1967 to a customer in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Includes order confirmation card for the six notes. Interestingly, the first such order package we've handled, and a neat piece for the Centennial enthusiast.
4.Canadian Banknotes $25 None
309 One Dollar 1973 Test Note
BC-46bT Crow-Bouey, #EXA1158696, BCS EF-40; a comment "Pencil" refers to two tiny lead dots at upper left and right corners
4.Canadian Banknotes $100-120 None
310 A Very Scarce Earl of Dufferin Two Dollars
Two Dollars 1878 Paypable at Montreal (DC-9a), incomplete Filler with dark surfaces, pieces missing from various margin areas, and patches of internal weakness/holes; once again, an opportunity to acquire an affordable Filler example of this very scarce issue. (Charlton value in Good: $1,700)
4.Canadian Banknotes $300-400 None
311 Two Dollar 1887 Marquis of Landsdowne
DC-11, Plain Series, serial #740039 BCS Good-6 with minor tears, a small near-invisible tape repair at bottom, and a single pin-head-sized hole near center, at bottom of "T" in "TWO". An affordable example of this scarcer note, with dual portraits of Marquis & Marchioness of Lansdowne. (Charlton: $700)
4.Canadian Banknotes $350-450 None
312 Two Dollars 1897 Edward, Prince of Wales
DC-14c, Dark Brown Back, serial #875025, BCS Good-6 with reference to Holes, Minor Tears. A decent and affordable example of this Edward VII/Fishing Scene note (Charlton: $260)
4.Canadian Banknotes $200 None
313 Two Dollars 1897 Edward, Prince of Wales
DC-14c, Dark Brown Back, serial #543753; BCS Fine-12, with an extremely small pin-sized hole at dead-center, and a few quite minor spots (ink?) in white margin at bottom-right on back; an attractive example of this verable issue with ocean fishing scene at center on front, to right of the impending Edward VII. (Charlton: $700).
4.Canadian Banknotes $500-600 None
314 Two Dollars 1897 Edward, Prince of Wales
DC-14b, serial #464904, Good with minor paper surface-damage at extreme upper-left corner; offered together with Two Dollars 1923 Prince of Wales, Campbell-Sellar, Black Seal, DC-26j, serial #U-989931, pleasant Good-6. Lot of 2 notes
4.Canadian Banknotes $200-250 None
315 Two Dollars 1914 Duke & Duchess of Connaught
DC-22c, No Seal, serial #P-275956, BCS VG-10, Minor Tear. (Charlton: $$225)
4.Canadian Banknotes $150-180 None
316 Two Dollars 1914 Duke & Duchess of Connaught
DC-22e, Hyndman-Saunders, "Will Pay…" Straight, serial #S-070880, BCS Fine-12 with reference to Minor Tear that is difficult to detect (Charlton: $500)
4.Canadian Banknotes $350-400 None
317 Two Dollars 1914 Duke & Duchess of Connaught
DC-22a-I, "Will Pay…" Curved, serial #282266-F, BCS Good-6, Minor Tears. (Charlton: $100)
4.Canadian Banknotes $75 None
318 Two Dollars 1923 Prince of Wales
DC-26g, McCavour-Saunders, Red Seal, serial #N-224267, BCS Fine-15
4.Canadian Banknotes $250-280 None
319 Two Dollars 1923 Prince of Wales
Campbell-Clark, Black Seal (DC-26j), serial #W-229579, pleasant Abt.VG
4.Canadian Banknotes $70-80 None
320 Two Dollars 1935 Queen Mary
BC-3 (English), serial #A217423, Fine with foxing stain at bottom margin, right of center, and the "44" pencilled under "B" in "Bank"; offered together with Five Dollars 1935 Prince of Wales, BC-5 (English), serial #A714322, G-VG but with significant margin-chipping at top, from center to left. (Lot of 2 notes)
4.Canadian Banknotes $125-150 None
321 Two Dollars 1935 Queen Mary
BC-3 English, #A441929, BCS VF-20
4.Canadian Banknotes $300-350 None
322 Two Dollars 1937 Osborne
BC-22a Osborne-Towers, #A/B1233064, BCS VG-8
4.Canadian Banknotes $60 None
323 Two Dollars 1937
BC-22c Coyne-Towers, serial #H/R9980056, fresh VF+ with nice colour and white margins
4.Canadian Banknotes $50-60 None
324 Two Dollars 1954 Devil's Face
BC-30a Coyne-Towers, #A/B5939392, BCS EF-40
4.Canadian Banknotes $120 None
325 Two Dollars 1954 Replacement
BC38bA Beattie-Rasminsky, #*A/B0058134, BCS Choice UNC-62
4.Canadian Banknotes $80-90 None
326 Two Dollars 1954 Replacement
BC-38aA Beattie-Coyne, #*A/B0019026, BCS Choice UNC-63
4.Canadian Banknotes $400-450 None
327 Two Dollars 1954 Test Note
BC-38bT Beattie-Rasminsky, #S/R1889576, VF. A second example classified as test #19, which experimented with 75% cotton linters
4.Canadian Banknotes $100 None
328 Two Dollars 1954 Test Note
BC-38bT Beattie-Rasminsky, #S/R1889272, fresh VF. As per our pending research paper, this note is part of test #19, which experimented with 75% cotton linters
4.Canadian Banknotes $100 None
329 Two Dollars 1974 Test Note
BC-37aT Lawson-Bouey, #RS1626988, BCS VF-30
4.Canadian Banknotes $120 None
330 Two Dollars 1974 Test Note
BC-47aT Lawson-Bouey, #RS0370581, BCS AU-55
4.Canadian Banknotes $300-350 None
331 A Scarce Four Dollar Marquis of Lorne
Four Dollars 1882 (DC-10), serial #175478, intact Filler with notable pieces missing [mainly] from upper-left margin, and varied spots of fragility throughout. A rare opportunity to obtain an affordable example of this very scarce issue. (Charlton value in Good: $1,100)
4.Canadian Banknotes $300-400 None
332 Four Dollars 1900 Lord & Lady Minto
DC-16, with lower serial #000295, BCS Good-6 with reference to Tears, Holes, a tape-repair and extremely minor ink mark at front-right margin; overall an excellent entry-level example of this key denomination, with Sault Ste. Marie U.S. Locks at center (Charlton: $900)
4.Canadian Banknotes $400-450 None
333 Four Dollars 1902 Lord & Lady Minto
DC-17a, Numeral 4 at top, serial #022122, BCS Good-6 with a number of small'ish holes, and minor tears; a much sought-after denomination, with center image of the Sault St. Marie Canadian Locks. (Charlton: $1,500)
4.Canadian Banknotes $750-850 None
334 Four Dollars 1902 Lord & Lady Minto
DC-17b Word "FOUR" at top, aesthetically a nice clean VG with fresh colour, however net-graded a Filler due to small hole at center, small notch-tears at center top and bottom margins, and lower-left corner-tip that is missing (about 7mm of material). An affordable, presentable example of this desirable issue. (Charlton value in Good: $450)
4.Canadian Banknotes $250-300 None
335 Five Dollars 1912 Steam Train
DC-21a, No Seal, serial #164775, BCS VF-20 with a significant vertical tear beginning at top margin just to right of "Canada", extending to "FIVE" at right-center, and which has an older repair on back via a single strip of tape. The perfect display note, as while tape repair on back remain clear and distracting, front remains clean and bright, with the repaired tear quite subtle. An attractive note! (Charlton: $2,200)
4.Canadian Banknotes $800-1,000 None
336 Five Dollars 1912 Steam Train
DC-21g, Hyndman-Saunders, Seal Only, serial #C225644, BCS VF-20 with a couple pin-holes at top, and reference to "Stains" around left of center on back that appear to possibly be some sort of production ink-stain; a solid note, well worth our estimate. (Charlton: $1,575)
4.Canadian Banknotes $900-1,100 None
337 A Lovely Five Dollar "Train" Note
DC-21g Hyndman-Saunders, Blue Seal only, #C267830, BCS VF-30 and a most attractive example of this classic Dominion note
4.Canadian Banknotes $1,800-2,000 None
338 Five Dollars 1937 Osborne
BC-23a Osborne-Towers, #A/C7374757, BCS Fine-12 "Writing"; a very small vertical "60" appears in field to right of portrait oval, and does not overly detract from this scarcer note
4.Canadian Banknotes $250-280 None
339 Five Dollars 1954 Replacement
BC-39aA Beattie-Coyne, #*A/C0023059, BCS AU-55
4.Canadian Banknotes $300-350 None
340 Five Dollars 1954 Replacement
BC-39bA Beattie-Rasminsky, #*R/C0043676, BCS EF-40
4.Canadian Banknotes $20 None
341 Five Dollars 1954 Replacement
BC-39bA Beattie-Rasminsky, #*N/X0085151, Fine-15 with a pair of small pin-holes (one at the center of Queen's forehead)
4.Canadian Banknotes $30-40 None
342 Ten Dollars 1935 Princess Mary
BC-7 English, #A066742, BCS VF-25
4.Canadian Banknotes $550-600 None
343 Ten Dollars 1954 Replacement
BC-40aA Beattie-Coyne, #A/D0015700, BCS AU-55
4.Canadian Banknotes $500-600 None
344 Ten Dollars 1954 Replacement
BC-40bA Beattie-Rasminsky, #*B/D0880941, BCS EF-40
4.Canadian Banknotes $30 None
345 A Lovely "Princess Elizabeth" note
Twenty Dollars 1935 English BC-9b, #A107233, BCS Fine-15 with reference to "Hole" that we cannot locate with a 5x lense; a clean and attractive example of this beloved note
4.Canadian Banknotes $1,400-1,600 None
346 A nice Autographed Jenkins Twenty
A 2004 Twenty Dollar note (BC-64b; Jenkins-Carney), with a hand-written message and signature by then Central Bank Deputy Governor W.P. Jenkins. Message reads: "Helen: Thank you for the many years of great service and food!. W.P. Jenkins". Purchased directly from the retired employee in question, and a neat piece! (note grades AU)
4.Canadian Banknotes $50-75 None
347 One Hundred Dollars 1975
BC-52b Crow-Bouey, BCS Choice UNC-62
4.Canadian Banknotes $175 None
348 A Devil Face Trio
Two Dollars 1954 Devil's Face, Beattie-Coyne (BC-30b), serial #I/B4951188, Abt.VF; Five Dollars 1954 Devil's Face, Beattie-Coyne (BC-31b), serial #G/C6254979, gFine; together with Ten Dollars 1954 Devil's Face, Coyne-Towers (BC-32a), serial #E/D0734620, VF with very minor edge-chipping at bottom-right margin. (Lot of 3 notes)
4.Canadian Banknotes $100-120 None
349 A Pair of B.S. Poker Notes
Two Dollars 1954 Lawson-Bouey, Serial #U/G1800000, somewhat faded abt.VG with harsh folds; together with a Ten Dollars 1971 Lawson-Bouey, Serial #VM4744444, Abt.VF with small phone number written at upper-left corner on back. A nice pair of "poker" notes
4.Canadian Banknotes $25 None
350 A Group of Canada Banknote Partial Vignette Proofs
A group of 6 vintage Portrait Vignette Proofs from the Canadian Banknote Company, all oval printings on card-stock, the images themselves ranging from 2.5x3 cm to 3x3.5cm in size, most of senior management of Canadian Chartered Banks. Includes: Clifton Carlisle of the Dominion Bank (2 different portraits), Beaudry Leman of the Banque Canadienne Nationale, Dudley Dawson of the Dominion Bank, Senator F.L. Beique ofthe Banque Canadienne Nationale, and A.W. Austin of the Dominion Bank. Also includes two additional small pieces of text (including "TWENTY") that are likely attributed to the Bank of New Brunswick. Total of 8 pieces, the portraits of classic old-school engraving quality
4.Canadian Banknotes $125-150 None
351 A nice lot of Canadian Political Scrip
A lot of 48 colourful pieces of political paper scrip, consisting of Diefenbaker Election Dollar, B.C. Premier Bennett election scrip (1963), Diefenbaker 92.5 Cent note, FLQ "Liberation" Piastre, and N.D.P. Election Dollar. All Uncirculated, with much duplication
4.Canadian Banknotes $25-35 None
352 Newfoundland Twenty-five Cents Cash Note
1910-11, NF-7a Cashin-Watson, BCS VG-10 "Holes, Minor Stain" - referencing a couple tiny punctures and a pair of very small dots at upper-left corner on back. A solid-looking note (Cat.$450)
4.Canadian Banknotes $300-350 None
353 Newfoundland Fifty Cents Cash Note
Fifty Cents 1911-12 (NF-8a), decent Good with scattered minor holes and bottom-right corner tip missing. (Charlton Good value: $125)
4.Canadian Banknotes $80-100 None
354 Newfoundland Fifty Cents Cash Note
1913-14, NF-8d Cashin-Watson, BCS Good-6, "Holes, Tears" - referencing a number of small staple-holes. A surprising solid-looking note for the grade, and very presentable (Cat.$200)
4.Canadian Banknotes $100-110 None
355 Newfoundland One Dollar Cash Note
1912-13, NF-9c Cashin-Watson, BCS VG-10 with quite minor Tears, mainly referring to rough edges (Cat.$500+)
4.Canadian Banknotes $300-350 None
356 Newfoundland One Dollar
1920 NF-12b Hickey-Brownrigg, #A391877 BCS VG-10 with a couple small pin/staple holes, quite minor tear, and reference to an extremely minor rust-spot at bottom margin on back, likely the result of an early paper-clip. A solid and attractive example of this very elusive Newfoundland issue
4.Canadian Banknotes $350-450 None
357 Newfoundland Two Dollars
1920 NF-13d Renouf-Brownrigg, #A146070,BCS Good-4 "Tears", in reference to minor chipping of edges. A somewhat dark though presentable example of this scarce Newfoundland issue
4.Canadian Banknotes $240-260 None
358 Australia
Ten Shillings (1952) P.25d of George VI, serial #A/84 481465, F/VF with some good "crisp"
5.World Banknotes $160-180 None
359 Australia
Ten Shillings 1954-60 (P.29) with portrait of Matthew Flinders at right, serial #AE/69 943101, bright and clean VF-30
5.World Banknotes $160-180 None
360 An Australian Error Note
Australia Fifty Dollars (2018), new Polymer issue honoring indigenous writer and inventor David Unaipon, as well as Edith Cowan, Australia's first female member of parliament; inadvertently issued with the spelling error "responsibilty" in micro-text, to left of Cowan portrait. Uncirculated, and the first example we've handled
5.World Banknotes $60-80 None
361 A desirable Central Bank of China Proof
An archival Back Proof of the Central Bank of China 50,000 Customs Gold Units of 1948, Security Bank Note Company, PMG certified UNC-65 "Exceptional Paper Quality", with printer's annotation.
5.World Banknotes $200-250 None
362 Confederate States of America
Five Dollars 1863, Memminger at lower right (P.59b, third series); fresh AU with irregularly-trimmed left margin, and small penciled number at bottom-right corner of back. A nice-looking Confederate note!
5.World Banknotes $100-120 None
363 Confederate States of America
Ten Dollars 1864, M.T. Hunter at lower-right (P.68, 9th series), clean EF/AU
5.World Banknotes $60-75 None
364 Confederate States of America
Twenty Dollars 1864, A.H. Stephens at lower-right (P.69), abt.EF
5.World Banknotes $60-80 None
365 A pair of Unlisted Ecuador Note Proofs
A Front Progressive Proof of an unlisted 20 Sucres note by printers Quayle & Son, PMG UNC-64; offered together with a Back Proof of an unlisted Banco Central Ecuador 20 Sucres note, PMG UNC-62. (Lot of two Proofs)
5.World Banknotes $300-400 None
366 El Salvador
An archival Bank Proof of a 5 Colones Note (1968-70) P.111p2, PMG UNC-63 "Exceptional Paper Quality"
5.World Banknotes $150-200 None
367 A very nice El Salvador Trial Printing
A progressive Proof Printing of the El Salvador 100 Colones note of 1996 (P.146pp), by Canadian Bank Note Company, with Ladder serial #0123456, PMG UNC-67 "Exceptional Paper Quality". A vey neat piece, with significant portions of the printed detail missing
5.World Banknotes $200-250 None
368 A Pair of French Certfiied Notes
France 100 Francs 1952 (P.128d) CCCS certified F-15, "Pinholes"; together with 500 Francs 1954 Victor Hugo (Labelled P.141, but actually earlier P.133a), CCCS Fine-12, "missing left bottom corner". Quite frankly, a miserably-attributed and graded pair of notes, estimated to sell
5.World Banknotes $10-15 None
369 German Armed Forces
5 Reichsmark 1944 Clearing Note (P.M39), UNC
5.World Banknotes $50-60 None
370 German Armed Forces
A 10 Reichsmark Clearing Note of 1944 (P.M40) fresh white EF
5.World Banknotes $25 None
371 Germany (Allied Occupation)
Ten Mark 1949 (P.5a), serial #N583233OU, Fine
5.World Banknotes $50-60 None
372 A Nice India Solid-Number Radar
India 100 Rupees (1996-2004) Mahatma Gandhi, with desirable serial #555555. UNC
5.World Banknotes $25-35 None
373 A Serial Number 1 Gandhi Note
India 10 Rupees Mahatma Gandhi (P.102p), with desirable serial #13B 000001, PMG certified UNC-63, with reference to minor foreign substance on the holder. A neat note!
5.World Banknotes $100-120 None
374 Ireland
Ten Shillings 1968, serial #89P153150, UNC with clean white margins, and nice light orange color
5.World Banknotes $75-85 None
375 Isle of Man
One Pound (1961) P.25a with prefix, serial #A429529, clean EF
5.World Banknotes $70-80 None
376 Banque National Laos
A Front Plate Proof of the 1957 Fifty Kip banknote issue, PMG UNC-65 "Exceptional Paper Quality"
5.World Banknotes $150-200 None
377 A Fabulous Repurposed Louisiana Civil War Note
State of Louisiana Three Dollar Treasurer's note, 1862, referencing redemption "twelve months after a definitive treaty of peace" between the United States and the Confederate States. gVF, with back revealing that these notes were printed on unissued sheets of Five and Ten Dollar notes from the Mississippi Exchange Office of Holly Springs! A really cool example of currency recycling!
5.World Banknotes $40-60 None
378 A Very Scarce Lebanese Note
Banque de Syrie et du Liban 10 Livres 1945-50 (P.50a), PMG VF-35
5.World Banknotes $900-1,000 None
379 A Scarce Palestinian Pound
British Administration, One Palestinian Pound 1939 (P.7c), Serial #Z023222, PMG certified VF-25 and the first example we recall handling
5.World Banknotes $800-1,000 None
380 A nice Russian Note Collection
An eclectic album of 28 Russian banknotes, both Imperial and Soviet, including the following: 25 Roubles 1909 (P.12b) VF; 250 Roubles 1917 (P.36) VG; 1 Chervonetz 1937 Lenin (P.202), UNC; 2 Roubles 1928 (P.199), VF; 25 Roubles 1918 (P.39a), Abt.EF; 3 Roubles 1938 (P.214), AU; 1 Rouble 1947 (P.2166), AU; together with 3 pieces of Russian Postage Stamp Currency. A nice cross-section of Russian paper-money, with minimum catalogue value of $300+
5.World Banknotes $180-$220 None
381 A Neat Paraguay Ladder Note
Paraguay 5,000 Guaranies of 2011 in Polymer by Canadian Bank Note Company (P.234a), with cool ascending serial #G12345678. PMG UNC-68, "Exceptional Paper Quality"
5.World Banknotes $100-125 None
382 Rwanda-Burundi
Ten Francs 1960 Hippopotamus (P.2a), PMG XF-40; a nice example from this scarce series of notes
5.World Banknotes $450-550 None
383 A Choice Set of German Occupied Romania Notes
A set of seven banknotes from WWI German-Occupied Romania, as follows: 25 Bani 1917 (P.M1), 50 Bani 1917 (P.M2), 1 Leu 1917 (P.M3), 2 Lei 1917 (P.M4), 5 Lei 1917 (P.M5), 20 Lei 1917 (P.M6), together with 10 Lei 1917 (P.M7). All Uncirculated, except for the large 100 Lei, which is a choice EF (essentially UNC, with light edge-creasing). A fresh set, an about as nice as they come. (7 notes, catalogue value of $200+)
5.World Banknotes $100-140 None
384 A Scarce German Occupied Serbian Note
Serbia under WWII German Occupation - 20 Dinara 1942 KM.28 (not issued), PMG AU-55
5.World Banknotes $300-400 None
385 A nice Pair of South Vietnam Note Proofs
A matched Front and Back Proof printing of the 1962 Ten Dong note (P.5p), by Security Bank Note Company, with the Front grading PMG UNC-66 "Exceptional Paper Quality", the back PMG UNC-63 "Exceptional Paper Quality", with as-made indentations
5.World Banknotes $450-500 None
386 A Second Scarce Pair of South Vietnam Proofs
A Front Proof for the South Vietnam 20 Dong issue of 1962 (P.6p), by Security Bank Note Company, together with a matching Progressive Bank Proof; the Front grading PMG UNC-65 "EPQ", and the Back PMG UNC-66 "EPQ"
5.World Banknotes $450-500 None
387 Sudan Currency Board
A scarce Front Progressive Proof printing of the Sudan 25 Piastres of 1956 (P.1B), PMG UNC-63 "EPQ"
5.World Banknotes $250-300 None
388 A Lovely Sudan Elephant Proof
A Front Progressive Proof printing of the Sudan Currency Board 50 Piastres note of 1956 (P.2B.p), with Elephants at left, PMG UNC-67 "EPQ".
5.World Banknotes $400-450 None
389 A nice set of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon Notes
A seven-piece set of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon notes, all from the 1950-60 series, as follows: Five Francs P.22, VF; Ten Francs P.23 Fine-VF; Twenty Francs P.24, gFine; Fifty Francs P.25, VF, fine pinholes; One Hundred Francs P.26, VF, pinholes; Five Hundred Francs P.27, nice Fine, pinholes; together with larger One Thousand Francs, P.28, abt.Fine, pinholes. A challenging set to assemble, with Pick value of at least $450. (Lot of 7 notes)
5.World Banknotes $350-400 None
390 A Trio of Early U.S. Colonial Notes
A trio of authentic, very early American notes, as follows: Pennsylvania Colonial Three Pence, 1776, printed by Hall and Sellers, serial #4286, Fine or better for issue; Continental Currency Seventy Dollars 1779, serial #78423, VG with minor tears, some staining of margins, upper-right corner tip missing, and a chip out of bottom margin to left of center (remaining colour on front is quite good); together with a scarce Eight Dollar Maryland Colonial Currency note of 1767, printed by Jonas Green, which - remarkably - has been skillfully hand-sewen back together after separating vertically at center! Lot of 3 interesting and seldom-seen notes
5.World Banknotes $150 None
391 United States Fractional Fifty Cents
Fifty Cents Fractional Currency 1863, E.M. Stanton at left (P.120), nice Fine-VF
5.World Banknotes $50-60 None
392 United States Martha Washington Dollar
One Dollar 1891 Martha Washington (P.326), serial #E22018741, decent Good with tiny 3mm slit hidden just to left of Martha's chin; offered together with a large-sized One Dollar Silver Certificate of 1923 (P.342), George Washington at center, Fine. (Lot of 2 notes)
5.World Banknotes $100-130 None
393 A lovely 1899 Silver Certificate
United States One Dollar 1899 (P.338c), clean and bright EF with a single main vertical center-crease. A classic issue, with large eagle prominently at center, small oval portraits of Lincoln & Grant at bottom
5.World Banknotes $240-280 None
394 United States
One Dollar 1917 (P.187) Christopher Columbus sighting land at upper left, left-facing George Washington at center, serial #A382701A, crisp Fine-VF with main quarter-folds that - interestingly - appear more distinct on front than back, where they are very subtle. A nice, large-sized note. (Krause value in Fine: U.S. $100)
5.World Banknotes $90-110 None
395 United States 1928 Silver Certificate
A choice 1928 One Dollar Silver Certificate of the United States (P.412) with Blue Treasury Seal, fresh white UNC with light washboard ripples; offered together with a 1935-F One Dollar Silver Certificate, VF, and a 1957 One Dollar Silver Certificate, UNC. (Lot of 3 notes)
5.World Banknotes $80-100 None
396 United States National Currency
One Dollar 1918 of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (P.371), nice VF with large eagle and flag at center of back. Regrettably, someone has wrtitten several lines of small text on back in light pencil, which could quite likely be removed. Otherwise a nice clean, large-sized note. (Pick value in VF: U.S. $150+)
5.World Banknotes $100-150 None
397 United States
Five Dollars 1928-B Abraham Lincoln at Center (P.379b), serial #D30392190A, clean VF
5.World Banknotes $25 None
398 A United States Cleveland Reserve Note
United States "National Currency" - One Hundred Dollars 1929 of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Ohio (Serial #D00083482A), Ben Franklin at center, VG-Fine with lightly-rounded corner-tips
5.World Banknotes $160-180 None
399 An interesting envelope of US Army Paymaster Forex Tables
A WWII era Official Business envelope from the War Department, with reference to "Tec Sgt Taylor, For Conversion", and then a short list of names and amounts in French or Belgium Francs written on the front. Inside the envelope are six type-written pages with conversion charts for coversion to/from U.S. Dollars, French Francs and Belgian Francs. An interesting set of research documents!
5.World Banknotes $10-15 None
400 An interesting set of Specimen Travellers Cheques
A set of 8 reference Specimen printings of Thomas Cook Travellers Cheques by Bradbury-Wilkinson, as follows: 20 Canadian Dollars (English only); 20 United States Dollars; 20 Pounds Sterling; 100 Pounds Sterling; 50 Australian Dollars; 10 United States Dollars; 20 Canadian Dollars (bilingual); and an impressive 500 United States Dollars. All UNC, one with small punched holed and staple-marks. An interesting reference set, and basis for a nice display. (Lot of 8 pieces)
5.World Banknotes $100-120 None
401 A Connecticut Copper
A [1787] Connecticut Copper, draped-bust left issue, Fine for the type and struck slightly off-center, resulting in the date sitting off the flan. A pleasant-looking example with some decent detail
6.Medals & Tokens $100-120 None
402 A Stunning 1939 Royal Visit Medal!
Canada 1939 Royal Visit medal in Silver by the Royal Canadian Mint, ICCS certified MS-66 with superb reverse (portrait side) toning in rich hues of violet-pink, gold and gun-metal blue, and obverse (map side) in even gun-metal blue, further hints of violet. A piece with truly remarkable eye-appeal!
6.Medals & Tokens $60-80 None
403 T.S. Brown & Company
(1832) Lower Canada T.S. Brown & Co. Importers of Hardwares Montreal Token (LC-15A3, Br.561), ICCS VF-20
6.Medals & Tokens $45 None
404 Bouquet Sous
Lower Canada Token, Reverse Wreath with 18 Cherry Leaves, Obverse Bouquet with Five Shamrocks (LC-31c; Br.694); ICCS MS-60
6.Medals & Tokens $140-160 None
405 Nova Scotia Thistle Token
Halfpenny Token 1832 George IV (NS-1D2; Br.871), ICC VF-30
6.Medals & Tokens $40 None
406 Newfoundland Rutherford Token
R & I.S. Rutherford Halfpenny Token, St. John's (NF-1A1, Br.952), ICCS EF-45
6.Medals & Tokens $350-400 None
407 Wellington Token
Wellington Peninsular Token (WE-11A; Br.987), ICCS EF-40
6.Medals & Tokens $30 None
408 A Nice Pair of Wood's "Hibernia" Tokens
A Wood's "Hibernia" Farthing Token of 1723, pleasant Abt.VF for type, together with a matching Wood's Half Penny of 1723, Bold Fine-VF with subtle hints of light vertigres among devices. (Lot of 2 Tokens)
6.Medals & Tokens $200-250 None
409 A Magdalen Island Token
Lower Canada Magdalen Island Penny Token of 1815 (LC-1; Br.520), ICCS VG-8 with some nice strong detail, and a subtle rim-bruise at upper-left obverse
6.Medals & Tokens $150-180 None
410 A Rare Vexator Canadiensis Token
An 1811 "Vexator Canadiensis ML" Token in copper (VF-3A1, Br.559), ICCS Good-4 with a notable hole at obverse upper-right. An excellent opportunity to obtain an affordable example of this scarce and most interesting issue (Charlton value in Good: $750)
6.Medals & Tokens $250-300 None
411 A popular Lesslie & Sons 2 Penny Token
Upper Canada "Prosperity to Canada" Two Penny Token of Lesslie & Sons, Toronto & Dundass, 1822 (UC-3; Br.717), ICCS VF-20 with dark chocolate surfaces and some scattered light edge-bruising. An always sought-after crown-sized Token (Charlton value in VF: $450)
6.Medals & Tokens $350-400 None
412 Bank of Montreal
Province of Canada Half Penny of 1844, Bank of Montreal on ribbon (PC-1B1; Br.527), ICCS VF-30; a sharp and nicely-toned piece
6.Medals & Tokens $20-25 None
413 Anticosti Island
A 1/8 [Penny] Token 1870, Helmeted bust left (Br.567), ICCS MS-60 with some nice underlying lustre in fields, and attractive violet-green hues on reverse
6.Medals & Tokens $120-140 None
414 A Neat British Columbia Gold Token
Jacoby Brothers Jewelers 12.5 mm Souvenir "Dollar" in gold, dated 1879 though struck in the 1950's or prior by Birks, with Ronald Green reference #360 per his excellent research paper of the early 1990's on Canadian Gold Jewellers pieces. With obverse image of two miners at work; Rev: "ONE" surrounded by a wreath, Beaver on log at top, B.C. shield below. Uncirculated, with heavy semi-circular polishing marks in obverse background, as referenced by Green. An intriguing little issue, and the first such example we've handled
6.Medals & Tokens $50-70 None
415 A French Regime Sous Marque
A French billon Douzain of Charles X, counterstamped by the French Regime in 1640 with a small fleur-de-lis, for revaluaton at 15 deniers. With nice Fine counter-stamp on a Good-VG host.
6.Medals & Tokens $60-80 None
416 A Hudson's Bay Token
A Hudson's Bay Company uniface aluminum "50" token, a 38mm aluminum issue for the company's Eastern Arctic region, introduced in 1946.Typical EF for the issue
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
417 A Hudson's Bay Token
A Hudson's Bay Company uniface aluminum "5" token, a 20mm aluminum issue for the company's Eastern Arctic region, introduced in 1946.Typical EF for the issue
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
418 A Hudson's Bay Token
A Hudson's Bay Company uniface aluminum "100" token, a 45mm aluminum issue for the company's Eastern Arctic region, introduced in 1946.Typical EF for the issue
6.Medals & Tokens $50-60 None
419 A Hudson's Bay St. Lawrence Labrador Token
A 29mm aluminum "10 M.B." token of the Hudson's Bay Company St. Lawrence Labrador district, c.1923 issue with "M.B." close to bottom of "10". Nice VF/EF, and a popular token
6.Medals & Tokens $100-120 None
420 A Hibernia Voce Populi Token of 1760
Halfpenny of 1760, struck by a Dublin button-maker and believed to have had some limited circulation in colonial America. Decent Fine for the type, and the first example we have handled in several years
6.Medals & Tokens $180-200 None
421 A Nova Costellatio Copper
A 1785 Nova Constellatio Copper of the United States, Good-VG for issue with clearly-readable date and some nice detail througout
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
422 A New Jersey Copper
A New Jersey Copper Token of 1786, straight plow beam variety, abt.VG for type with bold date and readable legends
6.Medals & Tokens $35-50 None
423 A Kentucky Token
A plain-edge Kentucky "Cent" Token of 1792-94, hand extending scroll on reverse ("Is Just" still readable), and obverse triangle of Stars, each with a letter representing a state, all of which remain readable. A pleasant Fine example for the issue, however piece has been holed and plugged just below "ST" of "STRENGTH" near top rim. A decent and affordable example of this elusive early token
6.Medals & Tokens $40-60 None
424 A Massachusetts Cent
A 1788 Massachusetts Cent, nice VG, "Indian with bow and arrow" on one side, spread Eagle on ther other. The word "Cent" remains clear on Eagle's shielded chest, the first U.S. coins to bear this denomination
6.Medals & Tokens $100-120 None
425 A Scarce London Elephant Token
A 1694 London Elephant Token, thick planchet issue, which likely saw minor circulation in the American colonies, and on which the rare Carolina Elephant Tokens would be patterned. Good-VG for the issue, with decent detailing of elephant and tusks on front, and strong "God Preserve London" on back, although worn shield shows a significant planchet-flaw that results in a surface-crack that runs from one rim to the other. A neat piece, and the first example we've handled in 15 years
6.Medals & Tokens $200-250 None
426 A Connecticut Copper
A 1787 Connecticut Copper, draped bust facing left, pleasant Good or better with clear date and "Connec", etc.
6.Medals & Tokens $40-60 None
427 A Petrolia Centennial Round
A 38mm, 32 gram medal in .999 Silver, struck to commemorate the 1974 Centennial of Petrolia, Ontario. Oil rig at reverse center, "Town of Petrolia" above, Obv: Map of Canada, text around circumference "Birthplace of North America's Oil Industry". Edge-impressed with fineness and #0207, in original Jacque Cartier Mint plush case which has fostered rich gold & gunmetal-blue toning throughout. Nice eye-appeal, thus, and the first such example we've encountered of this issue
6.Medals & Tokens $35-45 None
428 A Mac's Milk Silver Round
A 38mm .999 Silver Round, issued by Mac's Convenience Stores Limiited in 1975 (their 13th year!) to mark the opening of their 500th Canadian store. With map of Canada on reverse, with large "500" over Maple Leaf on obverse. Evenly-toned on both sides, edge-impressed ".999.5 FINE MADE IN CANADA" and housed in original blue plush case of issue
6.Medals & Tokens $35-40 None
429 An Attractive Italian Papal Visit to Canada Medal
A 48mm ultra-high-relief bronze sculptured medal, antiqued finish, struck in Italy ("MABA" is referenced on the piece) to commemorate the 1984 visit of Pope John Paul II to Canada. In order box of issue with gold imprinted Vatican crest, and possibly an official presentation issue?
6.Medals & Tokens $25 None
430 A Gardiner's Island Pattern Set
An interesting trio of 38mm Gardiner's Island "Pattern Trial Proof" medal of 1965, one each in "Nicon" (cupro-nickel with Colombian), "Sterling Plus" (cupro-nickel core between Sterling Silver), and "Franklinian" (pure Nickel impregneted with Colombian). Each with a fish-carrying Osprey on reverse, housed in individual 2x2's
6.Medals & Tokens $50-75 None
431 A Scarce Kirkland Lake Gold & Bronze Medal Pair
A 22mm, 10.3 gram medallion in marked 22K Gold, struck to commemorate the 1969 Fiftieth Anniversary of the Township of Teck (Kirkland Lake), the "Mile of Gold". Offered together with a 32mm bronze example of the same medal, both uncirculated. The first gold striking we have seen or heard of, and very likely a scarce piece (Note: .3035 oz AGW).
6.Medals & Tokens $600-650 None
432 A Tim Horton's Silver Round!
A 40mm, 1 oz .999 Silver Medal, issued by the Tim Horton company in 2000 (presumably?) to commemorate an unspecified company milestone. Struck in a frosted Proof finish, with reverse portraits of co-founders Tim Horton and Ron Joyce. Prior to this past fall, we had never seen or heard of this interesting issue!
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
433 Trois Rivieres Centennial Medal Trio
A trio of 39mm antiqued bronze medals, struck to commemorate the 1934 Centennial of Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Each with reverse portrait of Sieur de Laviolette, City arms on obverse, thought each on an entirely different suspension ribbon with clasp. A nice trio!
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
434 A most attractive Metropolitan Police Coronation Medal of George V
An official 36mm Coronation Medal of 1911, issued to officers of the [London] Metropolitan Police Force with suspension ring and red & blue striped ribbon. Edge-engraved: P.C. F. GOODMAN. An especialy attractive medal design, EF lightly-buffed
6.Medals & Tokens $100-120 None
435 Mark McGwire Silver Round
A 39mm, 1 oz .999 Silver medal with gold-plated obverse, gold-plated reverse portrait against mirrored Silver field; engraved with serial #1207 of 1,500 pieces issued, in original box with matching certificate (note: piece has a few scattered toning patches that could likely be dipped out easily)
6.Medals & Tokens $35 None
436 Home Run Heroes Silver Rounds
A two-piece set of licensed 39mm, 1 oz .999 Silver Medals, one each with frosted Proof portrait of Roger Maris and Mark McGwire. Matched set #1,826 of 2,500 sets produced, housed together in a single presentation box with matching certificate
6.Medals & Tokens $70-80 None
437 Toronto Blue Jayes Heirloom Collectors Set
A most attractive two-piece set of one ounce .999 Silver medallions, respectively commemorating the Toronto Blue Jays 1992 and 1993 World Series victories. Both struck in a frosted Proof finish with selectively gold-plated Blue Jays logo at center, with super-low matching engraved serial #36. Housed in a customized 12.5x10 cm custom plexiglass frame, and a quality set
6.Medals & Tokens $80-90 None
438 A Trio of Commemorative Medals to YA Tremblay M.M.
An interesting trio of Canadian award medals, as follows: 1953 Coronation Medal, 1977 Silver Jubilee Medal, and 1967 Confederation Medal, each with suspension ring/clasp and ribbon, and each edge-impressed to "Y.A. Tremblay M.M." (a recipient of the Military Medal). (Lot of 3 medals)
6.Medals & Tokens $180-200 None
439 Mario Lemieux Silver Round
A 39mm, 1 oz .999 Silver Medal with gold-plated portraits and rims, struck to commemorate 1992 Conn Smythe Trophy winner Mario Lemieux. Struck by the Enviromint of Illinois, with a brilliant Proof finish, and maximum mintage of just 500 pieces. In blue plush box with certificate
6.Medals & Tokens $40 None
440 Chicago International Exposition Medal
A handsome 57mm antiqued bronze medal, issued to commemorate the 1933 "Century of Progress" International Exposition held in Chicago. With high-relief allegory of "Research & Industry" on reverse, and what appears to be an aerial map of the Chicago Port on obverse
6.Medals & Tokens $25-35 None
441 A Scarcer St. Thomas Collegiate Institute Medal
A curious 40mm, 34.8 gram medal in .999 Silver, struck to commemorate both Canada's Centennial as well as the June, 1967 closing of the St. Thomas Collegiate Institute. Struck to a brilliant Proof finish with edge-impressed #29, and the first such example we've handled in many years of dealing
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
442 Sergei Federov Silver Round
A 39mm, 1 oz .999 Silver medal with gold-plated portrait and rims, struck to commemorate Federov and the Detroit Red Wings, with engraved low serial #72. With maxium mintage for the type just 125 pieces, and a nice-looking round. In plush box with certificate
6.Medals & Tokens $40 None
443 Mark McGwire Signature Series Silver Round
A 39mm, 1 oz .999 Silver medal with gold-plated obverse, gold-plated reverse portrait against mirrored Silver field; engraved with serial #878, and front-facing portrait of McGwire
6.Medals & Tokens $35 None
444 A Johnson-Matthey Liberty Round
A 36mm, 1 oz .999 Silver medal, struck in 1985 by Johnson-Matthey to commemorate the Staue of Liberty. In a nice Proof finish, with liberty bust on reverse, and "Liberty" written on obverse in almost 20 languages. Edge-impressed with date & fineness, etc.
6.Medals & Tokens $30-35 None
445 A group of U.S. Air Force Mess Tokens
A group of five tokens, as follows: 38mm brass $1.00 Hickam Air Force Base NCS Open Mess Token; 34mm plated medal $1.00 Loring Air Force Base (Maine) NCO OM Token; 35mm aluminum $1.00 Keesler Air Force Base (Miss.) Airmen's Open Mess Token; 32 mm brass .50¢ Anderson Air Force Base (Guam) Merchandise Token; together with 21mm brass NGO/SPO Club (Bangkok) 5¢ Token. Lot of 5 diverse U.S. Forces tokens
6.Medals & Tokens $25-35 None
446 A Royal Canadian Mint Reopening Medal
A 60mm bronze medal, slightly-antiqued, struck by the Royal Canadian Mint to commemorate the reopening of the Ottawa Mint building in 1986, with nice aerial higher-relief view of their venerable sussex facility. A desirable medal, presented mainly to employees and others, this example accompanied by four small Mint lapel pins (1997 Hockey Dollar, gold Maple Leaf, etc.), together with a fifth "Aviation Collection" pin. Lot of 5 pieces
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
447 A pair of Ontario Queen's Jubilee Silver Medals
A matched pair of 38mm, 1 oz Fine Silver Medalions, struck by the Jacque Mint to commemorate the 1977 Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. Edge-numbered 000195, identical in design to the smaller aluminum striking presented to all Ontario school children on the occasion (Note: each medal in this pair is unilingual, English and French respectively). Housed in original dark blue plush case of issue, with official certificate
6.Medals & Tokens $60-80 None
448 A Canadian Test Token Presentation Set
A three-piece set comprised of Prooflike 1985 Voyageur nickel Dollar, together with both Gold & Bronze-plated Nickel concept Test Tokens for the impending Loon Dollar issue. In original plexi holder with outer slip-cover, imprinted "With the compliments of the Honrable Harvie Andre / Minister of Supply and Services and Minister Responsible for the Royal Canadian Mint" in both English and French. A very popular presentation set; cardboard slipcover has some tape-damage at top
6.Medals & Tokens $200-250 None
449 A Small Canadian Forces Lot
A six-piece lot of militaria, as follows: Princess Patricia Light Infantry cap-badge; a Canadian Military Engineers cap-badge with clasp missing from back; an attractive 40x33mm Royal Canadian Air Force cap-badge format enamelled badge, slight convex, with no indication of clasp on back - perhaps for mounting on a bottle, or??; a pair of 30mm pin-on badges from the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon; together with a multi-sided Canadian Decoration medal, no impressed name, and perhaps a replacement piece. Lot of six items
6.Medals & Tokens $25-30 None
450 A Lovely George V Jubilee Medal in Silver
An official Royal Mint Silver Jubilee Medal for King George V and Queen Mary, issued to commemorate their 1935 Silver Jubilee. 57mm Fine Silver striking with weight of 85.3 grams, minor friction on King's cheek. Housed in original fresh case of issue
6.Medals & Tokens $90-110 None
451 Alaska Ketchikan Silver Round
A 38mm .999 Silver Round, "Ketchikan Alaska's First City" on obverse, large stylized "1" at center; Rev: "Alexander Archipelago Alaska's Inside Passage", two Killer Whales frolicking at center, in front of coastal map. Brilliant Uncirculated, housed in an airtite holder
6.Medals & Tokens $30 None
452 A Scarce & Desirable Inaugural Railway Ticket in Aluminum
A very neat 63x120mm two-piece Canadian National Railway ticket, special aluminum issue for the inaugural "Trail of '55" train between Kitimat and Terrace, British Columbia, on July 8, 1955. This example believed purchased at the 1960 Sherbrooke C.N.A. convention, for $60+. A unique and scarce piece of western Railway memorabilia.
6.Medals & Tokens $100-150 None
453 A Desirable WWI Cyclist Cap Badge
A 46x46mm pin-on cap badge of the 4th Divisional Cyclist Company, made by Bailey and somewhat Silver in appearance which may suggest a very scarce Officer's issue. Offered together with a later with a 65mm wide pin on RCAF wings, in metal. Lot of two items
6.Medals & Tokens $40-60 None
454 A nice Ivory Coast Independence Medal
Ivory Coast - a 68mm bronze medal of the Paris Mint, struck to commemorate the first anniversary of independence for the Ivory Coast on August 7th, 1961. With high-relief reverse portrait of Felix Houphouet-Boigny, and nice image of elephant at center of map on obverse. A Nice African commemorative issue, and likely quite elusive
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
455 A lovely Amateur Athletic Union Medal
A 45mm gold-filled medal of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada, likely 1930's to 1940's, uniface with "Birks-Ellis" impressed near bottom rim on back
6.Medals & Tokens $25-30 None
456 A nice United States Navy Medal Group for Vietnam
A four-piece set of court-mounted United States service medals, as follows: Navy Good Conduct Medal (with 4 stars), National Defence Service Medal (with star), Vietnam Service Medal with 3 stars), , and Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal; all awarded to Dr. James Reese, a senior Naval physician whose career spanned from World War II to the Vietnam War. Offered together with a large and heavy 96mm round brass medallion (uniface, apparantly for mounting) from the USS Cascade, a destroyer tender coverted from a passenger-freighter in WWII), as well as 6 various collar-badges (seemingly officer) for the U.S. Navy and Medical Corps. A nice group, worthy of some research
6.Medals & Tokens $80-100 None
457 A French Military School Medal for Aerial Combat Training
A large 63mm bronze medal by the Paris Mint, slightly-antiqued, struck for the Paris Military School, Center for Advanced Aerial Warfare ("Ecole Superieure De "Guerre Aerienne"), and presented in July of 1962, likely on graduation. From the estate of a former RCAF officer, and housed in original wine-coloured presentation case
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
458 A Large & Impressive Canada 150th Medal in Silver
A 76mm, 310 gram Canada Sesquicentennial medal, struck in .9999 Silver by the Canadian Heritage Mint with a Prooflike finish, and containing 10 oz of pure Silver. With outstanding high-relief engraving, and housed in original wooden presentation case with certificate. (issue price: $900)
6.Medals & Tokens $500-600 None
459 An official 1897 Diamond Jubilee Medal in Silver
A 55mm, 84.1 gram 1897 Jubilee Medal of Victoria, Silver Striking, with opposing young and mature portraits on obverse & reverse. Attractive grey-gold toning with over very light hairlines, housed in original Royal Mint box of issue
6.Medals & Tokens $160-180 None
460 A 1976 Montreal Olympic in Silver by Huguenin
The impressive 50mm, 68 gram Olympic commemorative medal in .925 Silver, struck by Huguenin of Switzerland with sunken, high-relief view of the Olympic Stadium venue on reverse, and Montreal Harbor skyline on obverse. In original blue case of issue, with numbered certificate
6.Medals & Tokens $80-90 None
461 A Quebec Lieutenant Governor Medal
A 72mm silvered-bronze medal, issued in 1940 for Quebec Lieutenant Governor Major-General Sir Eugene Fiset. Fiset was a Canadian physician, Deputy-Minister of Militia and Defence, and the 3rd Canadian Surgeon-General
6.Medals & Tokens $50-70 None
462 Sprott Asset Management
A 38mm one ounce .9999 Silver Round, struck in 2007 for the 10th anniversary of the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. With Halk/Falcon carving at reverse center, the medallion still sealed in Royal Canadian Mint plastic pouch
6.Medals & Tokens $30 None
463 A King Koil Silver Wafer
A 28x50mm one ounce .999 Silver wafer by Johnson-Matthey, with "King Koil" obverse. A flawless example, still sealed in original plastic pouch
6.Medals & Tokens $35-40 None
464 Montreal Russell Hall Sunday School
A 45mm round white metal medallion by J.S. & A.B. Wyon, struck c.1872 to commemorate the Russell Hall Sunday School of Montreal, and its superintendent T. James Claxton, whose high-relief portrait appears on reverse. Obv: Holy Bible at center, surrounded by wreath. Nicely-detailed AU; a copper version of the medal is referenced as Br.136, Lr.1435.
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
465 City of Toronto Semi Centennial Medal
A 39mm medallion in white metal(?), struck to commemorate the City of Toronto's 150th anniversary in 1884. Listed as Leroux 1819, this sharp example has light evidence of a clasp having been removed from very top. A particularly nice example for the piece, with unusual hints of gold and blue toning among devices on reverse
6.Medals & Tokens $25-30 None
466 A nice Husband & Wife Government Service Trio
A trio of Canadian Government service awards, as follows: a 14x19cm wooden presentation plaque with brass plate, engraved "Presented to Robert H. Price / in recognition / of 25 years' service / in the Public Serice / of Canada", with engraved signatures of both the Deputy Minister and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (which would likely date this as 1984 or prior); an official 1992 Confederation medal with ribbon and original blue box; together with an English-only Government of Canada medal for 35 years of service (57mm, 107.9 grams) in .925 Sterling Silver, to "Edna D. Price". Interestingly, where these medals are almost always encountered with no clear hint as to their composition (they exist in plated-copper, .925 Silver and .999 Silver), this piece is edge-impressed "RIDEA STERLIN" (evidently missing the last letter of each word). Lot of 3 items, and a nice testament to a combined 60 years of Canadian government service!
6.Medals & Tokens $125-150 None
467 A RCEME numbered Challenge Medal
A 44mm antiqued bronze challenge medal for the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (in both English and French), with engraved member #3221 on small raised oval disc at front-bottom. Fields in right-half of front appear lighter in colour, and seemingly cleaned at one point. Otherwise a well-made and desirable piece, with small raised silver unicorn at front center, as part of corps arms
6.Medals & Tokens $40-60 None
468 A Silver Cannington Trade Dollar
A 33mm, 17.3 gram Municipal Trade Dollar token for Cannington, Ontario, 1978 Centennial issue with Town Hall on front, .999 Silver striking by the Sherritt Mint
6.Medals & Tokens $25-35 None
469 A USS Olympia Commodore Dewey Medal
from the Battle of Manila Bay, where the ship served as Commodore George Dewey's flagship during the Spanish-American War. With Dewey portrait above ship on reverse, and allegorical figure on obverse, small text either side. gVF with a clean tiny hole at top rim, and an interesting medal
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
470 A Newfoundland & Labrador 25th Anniversary Medal
An attractive 51mm, 62.3 gram medal in antiqued .999 Silver, struck in 1974 by a private Canadian mint to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Newfoundland & Labrador's entrance into Confederation. With nice depiction of the sailing ship "Matthew" on obverse, and provincial seal on reverse. Edge-numbered 002727, housed in original plush blue case of issue
6.Medals & Tokens $65-85 None
471 Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital
A 39mm, one oz .999 Silver medal, struck to commemorate the April 4, 1994 ground breaking of the Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan. BU with frosted image of hospital buildings, and an interesting private medical-themed round
6.Medals & Tokens $30-35 None
472 Hamilton Winter Carnival 1887
A 38mm medal for the 1887 Hamilton Winter Carnival in white metal, Leroux #1155, pleasant VF/EF with minor damage at top rim where a clasp was presumably removed
6.Medals & Tokens $25-35 None
473 An Austrian Silver Baptism Medal
A 39mm, 23.7 gram Silver baptism medal by Leo Zimpel, c.1900-1920, Obv: Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan by John the Baptist, Rev: Prayer of Baptism. Nicely-toned EF
6.Medals & Tokens $40-60 None
474 Austria 1879 Royal Wedding Anniversary Medal
A 36mm Silver medal, struck to commemorate the 1879 wedding anniversary of Franz Joseph and Elisabeth of Austria. Rev: conjoined right-facing portraits, Obv: Austria, personified, sitting left, holding a sword and cornucopia. Lightly-toned gEF
6.Medals & Tokens $40-60 None
475 A Scarce Gold Maple launch in Japan medal
A 32mm, 15.6 gram medal with Gold Maple Leaf design on reverse, and obverse text dedication to the 1982 Launch of the Gold Maple Leaf in Japan (with Japanese text around bottom rim). Encapsulated, and housed in a nice blue presentation box with Maple Leaf crest (identical in format to the red cased issued with Prooflike strikings of the 1982 Constitution Nickel Dollar). From the estate of a former Royal Canadian Mint board-member, and an exciting discovery piece!
6.Medals & Tokens $80-120 None
476 Sherritt Gordon Mines 50th Anniversary Medal
A 38mm gold-plated nickel medal, struck to commemorate the 1977 fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Sherritt Gordon Mines. BU/PL, minor cloudy patches, with shaddow figures of miners on reverse, in box of issue
6.Medals & Tokens $10-20 None
477 A very heavy Ministerial Award Medal to a Mint Board Member
A large 75mm, 316.2 gram bronze medal with antiqued matte finish, presented in 1983 by the Minister of Supply and Services (Charles Lapointe) to William A. Kennett, long-time board member of the Royal Canadian Mint. With large Canada arms at reverse center, and both raised and engraved text on obverse. Housed in a quality brown leather(?) presentation case, and a unique Mint-related artifact
6.Medals & Tokens $50-75 None
478 A Royal Canadian Mint Medal to a Board Member
A heavy 60mm, 271 gram bronze "paper-weight" medal with felt-lined obverse, antiqued finish with high-relief Mint façade on reverse, and edge finely-engraved "William A. Kennett 1981. Seemingly presented to Mr. Kennett for ten years service on the Mint's Board of Directors, a nice display-piece
6.Medals & Tokens $25-35 None
479 A Paris Mint Medal for the opening of a French Commercial Bank in Montreal
A 53mm bronze medal, slightly-antiqued, struck by the Paris Mint to commemorate the 1982 opening of the "Credit Commercial de France" in Montreal. With identical reverse image of the Arc de Triomphe first issued by the Paris Mint on completion of the monument in 1836, with obverse text pertaining to the 1982 Bank launch (CCF later became a subsidiary of HSBC). Housed in green Paris Mint case, from the estate of a former board member of the Royal Canadian Mint
6.Medals & Tokens $20-25 None
480 An attractive Romulus and Remus medal in Silver
A 35mm, 30.1g medal in .800 Silver, slightly-antiqued, issued by Italy's Banco Di Roma, very likely in recognition of their 1980 Centenary. With especially nice high-relief depiction of Romulus & Remus (and wolf!) on reverse, and mostly blank obverse except for punched fineness at bottom and depiction of drama masks, olympic rings, and winged helmet around top rim. In blue presentation box, from the estate of a former Royal Canadian Mint board member
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
481 A Winnipeg Mint Inauguration Medal
A 45mm slightly-antiqued bronze medal, presented on April 30, 1976 to commemorate the inauguration of the Royal Canadian Mint's Winnipeg branch. With reverse façade of the Winnipeg facility somewhat similar to that used on common souvenir issues, and reverse text detailing the inauguration date etc. In black box of issue, with inner satin lining of lid also imprinted in Gold with details of the unveiling. From the estate of a former RCM board member, and the first such example we've seen in 30 years of dealing
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
482 A pair of Souvenir Rene Levesque Ecu
A pair of 33mm medalions, one each in .999 Silver and Copper, issued as "Souvenir Ecu" to mark the first anniversary of Quebec Premier Rene Levesque's historic election victory on November 15, 1976. With reverse portrait of Levesque, and large Fleur de lis at obverse center. Lot of 2 medals, BU, the Silver strking with mirrored fields
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
483 A pair of Battle of Trafalgar Centennial Medals
A 28mm copper medallion, struck from "Victory Copper" to commemorate the 1905 centennial of the Battle of Trafalgar, and presented by the "British and Foreign Sailors Society", with HMS Victory ship on reverse, statue of Admiral Nelson on obverse, nice EF/AU with some original lustre throughout devices. Offered together with a 30mm copper 1905 centennial medal of the same theme, though presented by the St. George's Society and Sons of England, of Ottawa; EF. Lot of 2 medals
6.Medals & Tokens $20-30 None
484 A Devins & Bolton Token
A Lower Canada One Penny Token of 1837 "Banque Du Peuple" on ribbon, with Type 2 counterstamp on obverse from the Montreal druggists, Devins & Bolton
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
485 A Colonial 9 Denier of New France
A 1721-H Colonial copper 9 Denier, briefly introduced into New France with limited success by the Company of the Indies, graded Fair with much wear though date and mint-mark clearly visible. A scarcer early copper issue
6.Medals & Tokens $50-80 None
486 A Felix Potvin Silver Round
A 38mm one ounce .999 Silver round, struck in 1994 in tribute to Toronto Maple Leaf's player Felix Potvin. In Proof with gold-plated portrait, limited to 1,500 pieces and housed in box of issue with numbered certifcate (coin and certificate #1,486)
6.Medals & Tokens $35 None
487 A large French Communion Medal in Silver
A 62mm, 94.7 gram medal of the Paris Mint, uniface in .900 Silver and presented for the Communion of "Frederique" on May 19, 1960, by "Liliane-Louis", as neatly-engraved on obverse. With central portrait of Mary on reverse, and reference to the Immaculate Conception "Jesuis L'Immaculee Conception". Edge-punched "1ARGENT" with Paris Mint-mark, and an interesting piece (Net Silver content of 2.74 oz)
6.Medals & Tokens $80-90 None
488 A Nice Group of U.S. Civil War Tokens
A nice group of Ten United States Civil War Tokens, consisting of: 1864 "Liberty/Our Army", pitted Fine; 1863 "Union For Ever/Liberty and No Slavery", VG; 1863 "IM Ported Liquors/Hastings", Fine with a notable rim-cud on Liberty Side; undated "H.J. Bang Restaurant Broadway/Importer of Fine Wines", AU with lustre; "Knickerbocker Currency/I.O.U. One Cent", gVF; 1863 'Harvey & Co./General Store Fort Edward N.Y.", VF; 1863 Washington Obverse, U.S. Shield in Star on Reverse (no text), F-VF; 1863 "Union Forever/First in War First in Peace", VF; 1863 "C.G. Bruce Authorized War Claim Agent Cleveland/$100 Bounty Pensions Back Pay Collected & Cashed", VF; together with a larger 24mm 1863 "Pluribus Unum/Staudinger's 116 Broadway N.Y.", Abt.VF, small edge-bruise. A diverse and excellent lot for the Civil War enthusiast, well worth our conservate estimate. (Lot of 10 tokens)
6.Medals & Tokens $150-200 None
489 A nice pair of Colonial Miniature Medals
A miniature Queen's Agfhanistan Medal (elephant on back) with "Kabul" bar, on clasp and ribbon; together with miniature George VI India Medal with "Northwest Frontier / 1935" clasp, also with ribbon. (Lot of two medals)
6.Medals & Tokens $35-45 None
490 A neat pair of Star Trek collectibles
A 38mm matte-bronze "Star Trek Lives!" medal with suspension loop, with high-relief portraits of Spock and Kirk on reverse, and Enterprise ship on obverse; suspended on a necklace, and edge-impressed "AMI Bronze 14139"; accompanied by a plastic membership card for the Star Trek 25th Anniversary celebration (1993?), with reference to Columbia House Video Library. Possible tackiness aside, the card is actually quite attractive, with full-colour portraits of Spock, Kirk and "Bones" on front. (Lot of 2 items)
6.Medals & Tokens $15-20 None
491 A pair of Sherbrooke Centenary Medals
A two-piece set of 38mm medals with suspension loops, one each in bright brass and antiqued copper, issued to commemorate the 1938 Centenary of Sherbrooke, Quebec. With crest at obverse center, within wreath, small beaver above; Rev: nice vignette of a farmer glancing across the river to a gleaming townscape, imposing church dominating center. The antiqued bronze striking is suspended on original worn yellow and blue ribbon, with "1837-1937" suspension clasp. (Lot of 2 medals)
6.Medals & Tokens $50-60 None
492 A nice trio of items from a Royal Regiment of Canada Conductor
An official Silver 1967 Condferation Medal with clasp and ribbon, nicely-toned; together with two Officer's cap-badges from the Royal Regiment of Canada, one in toned brass with Silver-colored plumes at center, the second in brilliant brass (gold-plated?), also with silver plumes at center. Lot of three items, from the estate of Captain Stanley Herbert Clark (1933-2011), a Conductor of the Royal Regiment of Canada band until his retirement in 1969. Mr. Clark was also a former music teacher in North Toronto, as well as at Parkdale & Glebe Collegiates.
6.Medals & Tokens $150-165 None
493 A Paris Mint Medal for the WWI US French Alliance
A 50mm bronze medal of the Paris Mint, designed by Rene Gregoire and released in 1917 to honor U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, and the American alliance with France in World War I. With large reverse portrait of Wilson, Torch and Fasces at left and right, Obv: female allegorical figures clasping hands, gesturing to distance with Canon in foreground, Cathedral in distance. Edge-impressed "BRONZE" with Paris Mint-mark. An attractive and desirable Paris Mint issue
6.Medals & Tokens $70-90 None
494 A lovely Silver Jubilee Medal for George V
An official 32mm medal for the 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary, fine Silver striking with left-facing conjoined portraits. Often found cleaned or buffed, this is a lovely original example with even medium golden toning, and hints of blue-green. In especially fresh red Royal Mint box of issue
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
495 A named Alliance Francaise Medal of the Paris Mint
A 50mm antiqued bronze medal of the Paris Mint, awarded by the Alliance Francaise to "Mme. Mary Aglot / Mexico / 1977", as engraved at obverse top. With high-relief full portraits of Plato and Aristotle on reverse, and a popular Paris Mint issue
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
496 A Countermarked Victorian Large Cent
An 1884 Victorial Large Cent, countermarked on reverse "Robinsons Carriage Works / Kingson" ("IN" in Kingston being weak). Interestingly, this would seem to be the date of choice for Robinson's token, as we note two other examples on 1884 Large Cents including the Geoffrey Bell specimen of Fall, 2013.
6.Medals & Tokens $20-30 None
497 Edward VII Coronation Medal
An especially-nice 39mm white metal medallion by Fattorini with suspension-loop at top, issued by the Mayor and Town of Keighley, West Yorkshire, in celebration of the 1902 Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. With very nice right-facing portraits on reverse, and obverse arms of the town at center, text around rims. AU/UNC, and most attractive
6.Medals & Tokens $15-20 None
498 Northwestern Medical Center Foundation
A 38mm, 1 oz .999 Silver medal, issued to promote the Northwestern Medical Center Foundation of St. Alban's Vermonte. With familiar spread-eagle logo on obverse ("E Pluribus Unum" on ribbon spread between wings), and reverse image of the medical center, rainbow above. Frosted Proof, and one of two medical-themed corporate rounds in our sale
6.Medals & Tokens $30-35 None
499 A Jenn-Air 25th Anniversary Silver Bar
A 5x2.5 cm, 20 gram wafer in .999 Silver, struck to commemorate the 1972 Twenty-fifth anniversary of Jenn-Air Corporation. Brilliant Uncirculated
6.Medals & Tokens $20-25 None
500 A Temiskaming Chapter Masonic Penny
A 34mm copper Masonic Penny Token, issued for the Temiskaming Chapter G.R.C. of New Liskeard, Ontario; UNC, with nice luster. Offered together with a smaller 30mm Masonic Penny from the Tuscan Chapter R.A.M. of Sudbury, Ontario; EF/AU with some good lustre. (Lot of 2 tokens)
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
501 A Canabucks Trial Pair
A two-piece set of 39mm, 1 oz .999 Silver uniface medals, consisting of obverse trial strike of our Alliance Coin & Banknote die, and reverse trial striking of our 2018 "Canabuck" issue. With "TRIAL" engraved at center of mirrored blank field on each, edge-numbered 002. One of only two such sets produced, the first residing in our permanent archives
6.Medals & Tokens $150-250 None
502 A Trio of RCM Service Medals
An impressive 75mm, 169.4 gram medal in [tested] antiqued fine Silver, struck and presented by the Royal Canada Mint to staff in 1987, in recognition of "Meeting the Challenge of $ 1 Billion Sales"; accompanied by a pair of heavy 15 and 25-year service medals, both 60mm, one in antique copper finish, the other pewter-finished bronze, with large RCM logo/name on front, backs blank engraved except name and service dates of receipient. Lot of three interesting medals, all engraved to Andre Sabourin, the service-medals covering the years 1980 to 2005.
6.Medals & Tokens $240-280 None
503 An interesting set of Israeli Six-Day War Commemoratives
A set of 28mm copper medalions, seemingly struck in 1967 after the Arab-Israeli War and each commemorating a specific facet of the IDF. Themes depicted are: Golan Heights (Infantry soldier on reverse), Sharm E Sheikh (Battleship), Judea & Samaria (armoured vehicle), Jerusalem United (Mount of Olives Monument), Sinai (Centurion Tank), and Air Supremacy (Mirage Fighter). Each with English and Hebrew text, brilliant copper, now slightly toned. With detailed interpretation card for each medal, and a set we haven't before encountered in 30 years of dealing
6.Medals & Tokens $25-30 None
504 A Colonial and Indian Exhibition Medal
A classic 52mm bronze medal of Edward VII as Prince of Wales, and struck for the 1886 Colonial and Indian Exhibition of London. By L.C. Wyon, and housed in interesting light brown case with inset circular holder in red velvet (medal itself is an evenly-toned AU)
6.Medals & Tokens $40-60 None
505 Singapore Airlines Great Wall of China Silver Bar
A 45x22mmm, 25.7 gram ingot in .800 Silver, struck for Singapore Airlines as part of a "Wonders of the World" series, this example detailing the Great Wall of China on front. In display box with detailed certificate
6.Medals & Tokens $25 None
506 A Wellings Mint sample 1971 C.N.A. Medal
A 38mm cupro-nickel medal, struck as a promotional sample by the Wellings Mint for the 1971 C.N.A. (Canadian Numismatic Association) annual convention held in Vancouver, B.C. With Hotel Vancouver pictured on obverse, and official C.N.A. logo and text on reverse. Slightly-foggy BU, in original Wellings Mint flip and pouch. An interesting parallel issue to the official convention medal, and we believe a scarcer piece
6.Medals & Tokens $15-20 None
507 A Dutch medal of St. Michael the Archangel
An attractive 50mm medal in antiqued bronze, with high-rellief image St. Michael the Archangel slaying a dragon on front, blank obverse except for wreath around circumference, and engraved presentation name of "C.M.A. Van Kleep", and date of 24-11-1967. In blue presentation box by Begeer of the Netherlands
6.Medals & Tokens $15-20 None
508 A nice pair of Masonic Medals
A 39mm triangular Masonic medal in gold-plated heavy Sterling Silver, on which is affixed a gold star of david in black and white enamelling, "VV" at center suspended on a red ribbon with two gold-filled clasps, top reading "P.T.P.G.M." (Past Thrice Puissant Grand Master), second bar "ROYAL CITY"; back engraved "Bro. James A. Osborne / 1997 1998", with Sterling mark. Offered together with an 85x23mm (including purple ribbon and suspension clasp) masonic medal, star at center, in red and white enamelling, "CANADA" clasp at top, attached to a cut bright white belt strap. (Lot of two medals)
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
509 Canada 1860 Exhibition Medal
A 38mm copper medal of both the 1860 Exhibition of Canadian Industry, as well as the Opening of Victoria Bridge by the Prince of Wales in Montreal; Obv: Canada Board of Arts & Manufacturers; nice VF/EF with a very minor reverse rim-bruise
6.Medals & Tokens $20-30 None
510 A Banff Indian Days Dollar in Silver
A 33mm, 16.8 gram "Indian Days" Trade Dollar token of Banff, Alberta (aboriginal Chief, mounted RCMP member), 1974 striking in Proof .999 Silver. Housed in original blue case of issue, token is in a Proof finish with quite stunning swaths of gunmetal-blue and gold toning
6.Medals & Tokens $25 None
511 A large Diamond Jubilee of Confederation Medal
The impressive 72mm official 1927 Confederation Medal in bronze, by Delamarre, with left-facing crowned portrait of King on reverse, and obverse depiciting high-relief allegoral figure of a female, arms outstretched against map of Canada, wheat and maple leaves at her feet. An attractive AU example, with a small tidy drilled hole at very top. An excellent chance to acquire an affordable example of this classic medal, which normally sells in the $200-300 range
6.Medals & Tokens $100-150 None
512 A 1958 C.N.A. Convention Medal and Program
A 37mm medal in antiqued bronze for the 1958 Canadian Numismatic Association annual convention held in Ottawa, with Ottawa crest on reverse, and obverse text referencing the centennial of Decimal Coinage, and 50th anniversary of the Ottawa Mint. Offered together with a pristine 15x23cm convention program and menu, featuring Consomme Profiteroll and Roast Stuffed Turkey. Also included is a nice though likely unrelated 16x12cm white invitation card from the Governor General of Canada (as Prior of the Order of St. John in Canada), inviting "Mrs. Beatrice Marguerite Williams" to an investiture at Government House on Friday October 17th, 1958. (Lot of 3 items)
6.Medals & Tokens $20-30 None
513 A Bronze Governor-General Byng Medal
A 50 mm bronze medal of Governor-General and Lady Byng of Vimy, 1921-26, pleasant EF although with lighter patch on Byng's face, possibly as a result of an attempted spot-polishing
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
514 A popular Lusitania Medal
A 55mm coated iron medal, British copy of the German original (with date "6 May 1916"), issued to commemorate Germany's sinking of the passenger liner Lusitania, with the loss of 1,200 souls. Both a fascinating and macabre propaganda issue, with skeleton ticket-seller happily booking passage on the doomed ship to a line-up of eager passengers
6.Medals & Tokens $25-35 None
515 A pair of Chartered Bank Silver Wafers
A pair of 30x50mm, 1 oz .999 Silver wafers, one each for the Royal Bank (Johnson-Matthey privy on obverse) and Scotiabank (maker unknown); both still sealed in original small pouches, the Royal piece with light violet-blue toning on front, the Scotia still brilliant although with some staining on exterior package. (Lot of 2 bars)
6.Medals & Tokens $60-70 None
516 A Chatham Silver Trade Dollar
A 32mm Municipal Trade Dollar token for Chatham, Ontario (1975 issue, Milner Carriage on reverse), Proof .999 Silver striking. Brilliant, and housed in a quadrum capsule
6.Medals & Tokens $25 None
517 An important Study Set of English George III Counterfeit Coinage
A remarkable survey of more than 250 pieces of counterfeit British coinage from the reign of King George III (1760-1820), covering the denomination spectrum from Six Pence to Half Crown, with an excellent representation of the Bank Token issues (including 3 Shilling and Bank of England "Dollars"); most with extensive individual analysis in terms of weight, etc. All housed in 20-pocket pages within a binder and slip-case attributed to Gordon Nichols. It is difficult to overstate the significance of a collection of such material with this level of depth and diversity. Thus, a truly unique opportunity for any serious student of this numismatic subfield.
6.Medals & Tokens $1,500-2,000 None
518 A Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Medal
A first-generation 52mm antiqued bronze Paul Harris Fellow medal with suspension-ring and ribbon, designed by Japanese metal artist Fiju Tsuda in 1969. In blue plush box of issue
6.Medals & Tokens $20-30 None
519 A Cobalt 75th Anniversary Silver Medal
A 38mm, 31.5 gram medal in .999 Silver, struck to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of Cobalt, Ontario in 1978, "The Cradle of Canadian Mining"; with above and underground miners on reverse, and - unlike most Cobalt commemoratives - the weight and fineness detailed on obverse, below image of minshaft tower(?), etc. In original box of issue, the medal now wonderfully toned in gold and gunmetal-blue hues
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
520 A desirable Canada USSR Silver Hockey Medal by Wellings Mint
The Wellings Mint 50mm, 66.4 gram Canada-USSR Hockey commemorative medal in .925 Silver, issued in 1972 to mark the legendary hockey rivalvry. Edge-numbered 00686, brilliant with scattered light fogginess of fields. Accompanied by original Wellings bill of sale
6.Medals & Tokens $100-125 None
521 A Quebec Lieutenant Governor Patenaude Medal
A 72mm silvered-bronze medal, issued in 1934 for Quebec Lieutenant-Governor E.L. Patenaude. A nice example free of impairments, and housed in original presentation box
6.Medals & Tokens $60-80 None
522 A pair of Papal Visit Silver Bars
A pair of National Refiners one ounce .999 Silver bars, struck to commemorate the 1984 Papal Visit of John Paul II to Canada. Both with common Papal Visit Seal and "Celebrate our Faith" on obverse; Reverse of one has engraving of Pope blessing, hand raised; the other, a silhouette of Pope at right, map of Canada to left. Housed in individual numbered National display cards, with nice light to medium golden toning
6.Medals & Tokens $60 None
523 A Large Silver Chinese Panda Commemorative
A large 70mm, five-ounce medal in .999 Silver, dated 1989 and seemingly a private issue struck to commemorate the Chinese Silver Panda coin. With familiar large pagoda on obverse, date below, Chinese characters above, while reverse has five individual round chinese Panda images - likely from past coin issues - encircling (once again) date at centre, fineness, weight and other Chinese characters below. Struck in Proof, with a few extremely minor contact marks in fields
6.Medals & Tokens $140-160 None
524 Israeli Diamond Export Medal with inset Diamond
A 60mm antiqued bronze medal, issued in 1974 by the Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Industry to commemorate the country's successful diamond exports. This is a special edition of the interesting medal, with a sparkling 3mm diamond inset in sky, above the commercial tower pictured on reverse
6.Medals & Tokens $75-100 None
525 An Interesting Collection of early Israeli Transportation Tokens
A collection of 49 various early Israeli Tokens and Tickets, including: 14 different Sommerfin Sabbath Ship Tokens in red, green, blue and yellow bakelite, 1959-67 (5 to 100 Agorot); a scarcer trio of Darom Yehuda Bus line (Tel-Aviv) tokens in aluminum and cardboard (1950); four pieces of 1942 Hamaavir Co-op Society Tel-Aviv bus tickets; together with six pieces of 1953 Hamkasher-Magen David-Adom Jerusalem 5 Prutot tickets, etc. A most interesting and thoughtfully-attributed collection from the first decade of a modern Israel, and the first material of this kind we've encountered in our extensive dealings over the years
6.Medals & Tokens $150-200 None
526 An Ottawa Grand Bazar Token
An Ottawa Grand Bazar Ten Cent admission token, seemingly in Nickel (Br.829), 25mm, 4.3 grams; Rev: "Bon Pour / Un Billet / De 10¢". A nice example of this better token
6.Medals & Tokens $90-110 None
527 A Richard Petty Silver Round
A 38mm, 1 oz .999 Silver medal, issued as part of the 1992 Fan Appreciation Tour as a tribute to Nascar legend Richard Petty. Struck in a frosted Proof finish, with very limited mintage (serial number on this example is "24".
6.Medals & Tokens $40-50 None
528 A Silver Eagle with Pope Benedict Overlay
A 2005 U.S. Silver Eagle Bullion Coin (One Dollar face-value), with full-colour overlay on front of Pope Benedict XVI. Certainly one of the more unusual Papal commemorative items we've seen
6.Medals & Tokens $30-35 None
529 A pair of Extinct Accu-Rate Silver Bars
A pair of 1 oz .999 Silver bars issued by Ottawa's now-defunct Accu-Rate Foreign exchange, consisting of: Accu-Rate promo bar with name and logo on front, expanded map of the world on back; together with their very neat 1993 Stanley Cup Centennial Bar, wth modern player and Cup on front, vintage early players and cup on back. (Lot of 2 bars)
6.Medals & Tokens $60 None
530 A Trio of Royal Canadian Mint Ottawa Winnipeg Medals
A trio of 35mm medals issued in 1999 with Winnipeg and Ottawa branches depicted on obverse/reverse, one each in Bronze, Nickel and Gold-plated nickel. A popular issue, now listed on page 298 of the Charlton Canadian Coin Catalogue, Volume I (2019 edition)
6.Medals & Tokens $40 None
531 A nice matched Trio of Ottawa Technical School Silver Medals
A trio of 50mm, 66 gram medals in antiqued Sterling Silver, awarded by the Ottawa Technical School to Robert Crawford, as follows: 1934 for First in General Proficiency (this piece presented by R.A. Sproule"), 1935 for Special Scholastic Attainment, together with a third 1935 for First in General Proficiency. Each with high-relief portrait of worker on front, various industrial activities in the background. A particularly attractive set. (Lot of 3 medals)
6.Medals & Tokens $150-180 None
532 A Great War Medal to Sgt. J.R. Syper
A heavily-worn 1914-1918 Silver War Medal, clasp removed (disk only), impressed recipient still readable as "42236 A.S. SGT J.R. SYPER 8-CAN INF". James Roy Sypher, born Meaford, Ontario, March 20, 1888 (family then residing in Morden, MB); Joined 44th batallion, sailed from Montreal on S.S. Grampion Jne 1, 1915. August 21, 1915, suffered gunshot wound on left thigh (and later Bronchitis). A solicitor prior to the war, he was discharged on May 16, 1919 in Toronto. A VG medal, though a surprisingly pleasant artifact
6.Medals & Tokens $15-25 None
533 A wonderful early Shooting and Curling Medal Pair
A 40mm custom-engraved Silver medal, Reverse: three uniformed militia men standing center, one firing a rife, text above "Won By / No. 3 / Sergt John McIntyre", Obverse: engraved text, "2nd Prize / In the / Regular Target Practice / of the / Cardross Company of / Rifle Volunteers / For the Year 1861 / Presented / by Mr. William Hill / Edinburgh", permanently encased in a fancy silver bezel with suspension ring at top. Offered together with a second Silver medal, 40mm in diameter, Reverse: a fine scene of well-dressed gentlemen curling on a pond, Obverse: engraved text, "Presented / By / rs. A. C. Russell / To The / Cardross Curling Club / Gained by / John McIntyre". Also housed in a fancy silver suspension bezel, though somewhat loose due to spot of damage on the bezel. A nice vintage pair of medals, to a seemingly talented marskman both on the ice and in the field
6.Medals & Tokens $180-200 None
534 An Allied Victory Medal to Williamson of the Royal Highlanders
An Allied Victory Medal, impressed: "473 SJT. M. WILLIAMSON. R. HIGHRS". Nicely-preserved, wth suspension ring (no ribbon)
6.Medals & Tokens $20-25 None
535 A Battle of Arnhem Commemorative Medal
A 60mm toned bronze medal, made in the Netherlands in 1946 by Gerritsen & Van Kempen to commemorate the September, 1944 Batle of Arnhem. Rev: Badge of the British Airborne Unit between coats-of-arms, Obv: City of Arnhem, burning, together with Church and Rhine Bridge at bottom, two parachutes above the Arms of Great Britain; accompanied by a letter from the Director of a Netherlands Airborne Museum, dated October of 1998, providing further detail on the medal in response to a writer.
6.Medals & Tokens $50-60 None
536 A 1955 C.N.A. Convention Medal for Ottawa
A 38mm bronze medal for the 1955 Canadian Numismatic Association annual convention held in Ottawa. Mint, with good lustre, still wrapped in cellaphane, as issued
6.Medals & Tokens $25-35 None
537 A Boucherville 300th Anniversary Medal
A 50mm white plated bronze medal with antiqued matte finish, struck for presentation at the 300th anniversary of Boucherville in 1967. In small vintage round case
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
538 A Kamloops Numismatic Society Silver Medal
A 39mm, 31.5 gram medal in tested .999 Silver, issued by the Kamloops (B.C.) Numismatic Society as a nod to the tourism trade, Rev: vignettes of Moose, Skiiing and Sports Fishing, Obv: Fort Kamloops at Center, "Kamloops Numismatic Society" around upper rim. Brilliant Uncirculated
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
539 An Engelhard Industries of Canada Silver Bar
A one ounce .999 Silver Bar, struck by Engelhard Canada, with serial #163344. In especially nice condition, and housed in a Scotiabank flip
6.Medals & Tokens $30-40 None
540 An interesting Group of Pierre Trudeau Medals
A group of four medals with common theme of Pierre Trudeau, as folows: a three-piece set of 38mm "Peace & Brotherhood" medals, one each in Nickel(?), Gold-plate, and Copper/Bronze, left-facing Trudeau bust on reverse, Globe encircled by clasped hands; offered together with a 38mm bronze or Gold-plated "Prime Minister's Dinner" Medal of March 5th, 1969, designed by Dora De Pedery-Hunt, with stylized Trudeau portrait on front. (Lot of 4 medals)
6.Medals & Tokens $30-45 None
541 A 1965 Canada Post Presentation folder
A small 15x22cm cerlox-bound white album containing 35 mint stamps (mostly blocks) from the 1964-65 issues, with gold imprinted arms of Canada imprinted at center of front cover. Clipped inside is the calling card of Alexandre Cyr "Office of the Postmaster General". A former Liberal member of the House of Commons, Cyr also served as executive-assistant to Postmaster General Jean-Pierre Cote.
7.Philatelic Lots $10-15 None
542 A nice lot of Framed Philatelic Material from the Estate of a former Senior Canada Post Executive
A larger offering of professionally-framed Canada Post issues, smaller frames and minor official presentation items, including the following: Framed 48x64 cm Eight Cent "Ship" single stamp and print, X 4; Framed 55x45 cm collection of 15 stamp blocks, c.1959, etc., X 2; a further 11 smaller framedphilatelic items; A French Post Office offical leather agenda/folder for the year 1988-89; assorted French, Swiss, and Russian mint presentation folders, together with some mint Canadian postal items; of particular note, also includes a Canada Post binder with complete internal summary report/archive for the November 20th 1987 launch of the CFL Grey Cup Stamp - complete with preparatory promotional plans, copies of all print medial used, numerous photographs from the actual launch, as well as pre-launch events, and official program, etc. An interesting lot of frames, folders and packs that should be examined to fully-appreciate, well worth our estimate. (PLEASE NOTE: due to the size and fragility of this lot, the material will only be available for viewing at our Almonte Gallery, and succesful bidder will be required to pick up in our store, or at Chris Green's office in the Glebe)
7.Philatelic Lots $300-400 None
543 Life Insurance Savings Bank
A vintage 9x13cm green book-style Savings Bank, offered by the "Life Insurance Savings Bank" , with "Save And Have" by Benjamin Franklin on the outside spine. In excellent condition, complete with key
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $25-35 None
544 A most interesting trio of WWII Ration Booklets
A pair of 7x14cm WWII Ration Coupon Booklets, one each "Individual Beer Ration" and "Individual Wine Ration", the former with 100 internal coupons remaining, the later with 64 coupons; offered together with a 13x6cm "Category AA" Gasoline Licence and Ration Coupon Book, with 19 coupons remaining; also included is a well worn, 1940-dated "Registration Certificate" to Helen Alexandra McMillan of Toronto, with a number of LCBO "Beer" and "Wine" ink-stamps on reverse. Most interestlingly certificate references "Toronto Star", and casual research reveals that Helen McMillan worked for the Toronto Star (newspaper) as their Women's page editor, later handling the Star News Service during WWII. (Lot of 4 items)
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $40-50 None
545 An Impressive Babe Ruth Bronze
An attractive 63mm, 119 gram bronze medal, slightly-antiqued, issued in 1996 by the Highland Mint with high-relief portrait of Ruth, the "Sultan of Swat", with individual serial #1267 of 3,000 pieces released. In wine-coloured presentation box of issue with numbered certificate
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $25-35 None
546 A nice Vintage Coin Bank
An 8.5x11.5cm green and brown book-style coin bank, made for The Provincial Bank of Canada, with outer spine incription that reads "Secrets of Success" by "Benjamin Franklin". A nice display item, accompanied by original key
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $30-40 None
547 A Fine Rodeo Champion Belt Buckle
An impressive 83x105mm, 100 gram oval belt buckle in Silver with 10K Gold vignette on front at center, awarded by the Canadian Cutting Horse Association to Warren Hellyer, as 1984 Non Pro Open Champion. A lovely and authentic piece of Canadian rodeo history
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $80-100 None
548 A "Rocket Richard" Autographed Puck
A two-piece set comprised of Montreal Canadiens official Hockey Puck, hand-signed in silver by "Maurice Richard", numbered (in same ink) 83/109, together with a 40mm gold-plated "Canadiens" medal with matching serial number. Accompanied by a custom wooden display stand, and numbered certificate of authenticity from the Highland Mint. With edition limit of 109 sets, and a great display item for the Canadiens enthusiast!
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $80-100 None
549 A most unusal group of early Watch-Chains
An intriguing collection of vintage pocket-watch chains and fobs as follows: 37mm thick chain in woven brown ladies hair, twice-jointed with gold-filled end caps, attached to an oval swivel pendant in dark green and pink bloodstone and sardonyx that opens to reveal two small picture frames (empty, except for a lock of extremely fine hair contained in one); a second 36mm chain made of tight woven 5mm linked rings of camel-coloured bamboo fibre, "Nickel Silver" impressed in watch-clasp, with fob at other end of a puffed 35x18mm abaolone pendant; a third 28cm chain (without fob) crafted of very finely-woven 8mm loups of dark black horse-hair; a fourth, 33 cm in lengh (including fob), suggestive of a rosary and comprised of linked 7mm polished dark black wooden beads, ended by a small 20mm ornate round portrait fob (also in dark black), with a maiden and young nobleman pictured on either side in high-relief, very likely French in origin; together with a fifth somewhat more traditional 34cm chain of oblong brass links with small framed coin-fob at end that appears to be a counterfeit 1826 copper Six Pence of George IV, seemingly once-gilded. A most interesting lot of 5 chains, dating from the Victorian period and later
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $80-100 None
550 A neat RCM Engraver Souvenir
A set of 5 various commemorative business-strike coins, including Terry Fox Dollar, 2000 Canada Day Quarter, and Ten Cent Volunteer Dime, all engraved by senior Royal Canadian Mint engraver Stanley Witten. Housed in 2x2's in a custom 3-ring binder page, together with a card-stock certificate containing details of the coins, together with a 11x8 cm photo of Witten at his Terry Fox Dollar launch, together with hand-written autograph below. A special souvenir prepared by us during a "meet the engraver" event held in our original Almonte store, about 13 years ago
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $20-25 None
551 A most unusual set of Shirt-Studs crafted from Victorian Silver Coinage
A group of 22 individual shirt-studs(?), each crafted from a pair of Victorian Silver 1 1/2 coins Pence (1830-1840's), including at least one coin of William IV. All with the connecting tubular stem cleanly-pierced, so that all 22 pieces are strung onto a wire for convenient storage. A truely unusual numismatic artifact.
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $60-80 None
552 A nice Victorian Sovereign Holder
A neat 32mm round brass hinged case with suspension ring (with the appearance of small pocket-watch), with spring-loaded interior designed to hold a number of stacked English gold sovereigns. Interestingly, interior of device is designed to replicate a Sovereign, complete with raised portrait of Queen Victoria. A nice little artifact, housed in a small black leather pouch of some antiquity.
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $20-30 None
553 A large batch of earlier Wrist-Watch Faces
An intriguing lot of more than 50 earlier wrist-watch faces, mostly in brass and steel, some with imprints "A.W.C. & Co", "Fortune" [a couple gold-filled], perhaps a dozen with matching backs, all made in Canada. Also includes a worn pocket-watch with incomplete movement, and "Rementov" engraved on interior lid. Seemingly the product of a watch-maker's work desk, and likely of appeal to any dedicated watch collector/tinkerer. (Lot of approximately 60 varied pieces)
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $50-60 None
554 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Rifle Association
A 14.5cm silver-plated prize spoon of the British Army's Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Rifle Association, with shaft comprised of two conjoined WWI-era rifles, topped by 22x37mm enamelled crest in multi colours (quite minor chipping to the black enamelled field near top). A nice vintage piece
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $15-20 None
555 A nice vintage Bank of Montreal pocket folio
A 9.5x16 cm dark leather wallet, intact although worn around edges, with gold-embossed BMO logo at upper-right on front flap (below: "Capital: $14,400,000 / Rest $11,000,000"), and fresh gold embossing on interior left and right lighter brown flaps, as follows: (Left) "Bank of Montreal / Montreal / Cable Adress: Bankreal Montreal", at bottom: "Letter of Introduction Not to Be Carried in this Case"; (Right) "Bank of Montreal / 46-47 Threadneedle St., / London E.C./ Cable Address: Hochelaga, London", at bottom: "In Case of Loss Notify Bank at Above Address at Once". A most interesting banking artifact, with all indications pointing to quite early 20th century.
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $20-30 None
556 Ottawa Summer Carnival 1907
A 30mm brass pin in white, dark and light blue enamelling, made for the Ottawa Summer Carnival "Old Boy Reunion" of 1907. With gold-gilded Parliament buildings at center, and perfect enamelling. A nice vintage piece!
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $20 None
557 A Lovely Enamelled Newfoundland Badge in Silver
A 42x55mm pin-on badge/broach in hallmarked Sterling Silver, hallmarked 1901, seemingly by Robert Chandler of Birmingham, with superb allegorical crest of Newfoundland in red, cobalt, pink and white enamelling, with depictions of rifles, oars, fish and seal, etc. A stunning piece, remarkably well-preserved, and worthy of some good research
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $75-100 None
558 A most interesting Lot of Telesat Canada Memorabilia
An eclectic group of items to pertaining to the Telesat Canada Satellite program, as follows: 9 fresh and unaddressed copies of the October 1, 1992 Canada Post First Day Cover with block of four Satellite Stamps (two of which are holographic); an April 12th, 1985 First Day Cover posted to Nepean from the Kennedy Space Center, posted "within minutes" of the launch of 51-D Shuttle Orbiter Discovery; an official November 21, 2000 presentation video-CD of the Telesat Anik F1 Rocket Launch; 15 various Telesat-themed lapel pins (Nimiq 2, Anik F2, Nimi, etc., including Telesat 5 and 10-year service pins); an unused booklet of RCA Satcom matches (referencing "First Launch Planned - December 1975); together with a very cool 56mm round polished steel Henry Birks and Sons desk-top clock, wth ANIK A1 engraving and launch date of Novermber 9, 1972 engrave on outer case. Lot of 27 items, from the estate of a former employee of the Canadian Satellite industry
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $100-120 None
559 A neat collection of Advertising Shoe Horns
A group of 12 vintage steel promotional shoe horns, as follows: "Electrolux is Better" (also a bottle-opener!) X 2 pieces; "Regent Shoes" (Montreal); "Bata, Shoe Makers to the World"; "J.A. Gosselin" (Trois--Rivieres); "Roger Laforest" (Longueuil); "Empire Shoe Rebuilders" (Montreal); "Talbot Shoes" (Quebec; also a bottle-opener); "Pennys"; "Dacks, Makers of Mens Fine Shoes"; "Your Advertisement Here" (a salesman's sample!); together with a horn form "Thomas Abel Enrg." of Chicoutimi. A neat collection of this now-lost aspect of the Canadan footwear industry.
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $60-80 None
560 A lovely set of Columbian Exposition Tickets
A set of four 10x6cm admission tickets to the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chigago, each with a classic portrait vignette from the American Banknote Company (Lincoln, Washington etc.), and all with matching serial #921. A clean and attractive AU set
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $40-50 None
561 A pair of early Visitor's Passes to the U.S. House and Senate
A 10.5x7 cm uniface heavy card-stock visitor's Gallery pass to the United States Senate Chamber, prepared on December 17th, 1910 for H.H. Chamberlain, hand-signed at bottom by an unidentified U.S. Senator; offered together with a similar 11x7 cm pass-card (upper-left corner-tip missing) for the House of Representatives, also prepared December 17th, 1910 for H.H. Chamberlain, authorized with the signature of Congressman John P. Swasey of Maine. Interestingly, Swasey served as a first Lieutenant in the U.S. Civil War, and would have been 71 years old at this time. An interesting pair of political items, the House pass with tear at left margin, both with corner-marks on back, having been affixed into an album
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $30-40 None
562 A nice group of Gone with the Wind Stamp launch Memorabilia
A trio of First-Day-Covers from the June 30, 1986 U.S. Post Office launch of a stamp for Margaret Mitchell, as part of the "Gone with the Wind" 50th anniversary celebration; offered together with a 58mm pin-on button with nicely-cancelled example of the stamp (Atlanta, Georgia); together with a remarkable 23x15 cm folded card official program for the launch, inside of which can be found the hand-written autographs of the follownig: Herb Bridges (Chairman, Gone with the Wind Anniversary Celebration), Eugene and Joseph Mitchell (family members of Margaret Mitchell), Rod Adair (designer of the stamp), and most prominently, Butterfly McQueen ("Prissy", in Gone with the Wind). Folder shows some slight handling and quite minor edge-creases. A neat group of souvenir items from this memorable milestone
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $30-50 None
563 A Sterling Royal Wedding Plate for Queen Anne
A nice 13cm, 121.7 gram, 1cm deep souvenir dish in hallmarked Sterling Silver, issued to commemorate the 1973 wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. With well-executed 38mm Silver portrait medallion inset at center, and housed in blue hinged presentation case. A Royal Wedding event not often seen on medallions, with net Silver content of 3.62 oz
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $90-110 None
564 A Mixed Militaria Lot
A WWII 1939-1945 Star with ribbon, together with a 1939-1945 Defence Medal; also includes a 4x2.5 cm brass "On War Service" pin of 1915, "Mappen & Webb" in raised lettering on back; a Canadian Infanry Corps Acer cap-badge, slightly bent/wavy; a Sterling Silver marksman's badge, with four suspended bars (Rifle, Pistol, Carbine, and Missile(??); also includes a small Birks Sterling Silver sweetheart badge, conisting of heart-shaped pendant on silver Ribbon-clasp, with the Midland Regimental crest on front. Offered with a smaller "V.R.C. / Buffalo, N.Y." pin-on gold-filled medallion, together with a small 28mm Silver german-style cross, issued by the German and Austro-Hungarian charity. (Lot of 8 items)
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $80-110 None
565 A Lovely pair of Dance Worn Beaded First Nations Boots
A pair of ladie's traditional indigenous dancing boots in doeskin and fur, with fine beading on front in brilliant floral patterns, denim-lined, with clear but moderate wear on the soles (these have been used in traditional dance). From the collection of a former Museums worker who acquired the pair at one of the last surving traditional "Indian Trading Posts" in the early 1980's, north-west of Lloydminster, Alberta. A very special cultural artifact
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $120-150 None
566 A Pair of Indian Land Grants to Reverend Narcisse McLaren
A large 44x54cm "Indian Land Sale Grant" to Reverend Narcisse McLaren, datd August 12th, 1913 and granting .4 of an acre in the Township of Maniwaki; with impressive red label-seal of King George V. Offered together with an earlier Grant to McLaren, dated February 23rd, 1910, also for a townlot in Maniwaki, "County of Wright", for .87 of an acre; the prices negotiated being Eighty Dollars and One Hundred Forty Dollars, respectively; both plots formerly of the "River Desert Band of Indians"; this earlier grant with large red embossed seal of King Edward VII. An interesting and also poignant pair of earlier 20th century historical documents
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $60-80 None
567 An interesting Demand Note of the Bank of New South Wales
A large 24.5x12cm pink demand note of the Bank of New South Wales, dated January 4, 1916 and payable in the amount of 13 Pounds, 9 Shillings and 4 Pence to the Ottawa Branch of the Royal Bank of Canada. An interesting display piece, decent VF though some weakness at center where it has been protecto-graphed
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $15-20 None
568 A Scarce early Philadelphia City Treasurer Cheque Proof
An original 237x118mm Proof printing of an 1897 Philadelphia City Treasurer cheque by Huston, Ashmead, Wilson Co. Ltd., front only on heavy card-stock, in black-and-white ink, AU. From the estate of an early 20th century banknote engraver, and possibly a unique privately-held specimen
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $75-90 None
569 A Nice pair of Obsolete mini Bank Bags
A small but heavy-canvas 12x18cm coin bag of "The Royal Bank of Canada", offered together with a longer 30x13cm canvas bag of the "Federal Reserve Bank of New York". A nice pair of display items!
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $20 None
570 An original Liberty University of Lynchburg Medal Die
A heavy 39mm metal coinage die, engraved by a private U.S. Mint for the striking of a medal for the Executive Leadership Program of (presumably) Liberty University of Lynchburg, Virginia. With dual images of the Statue of Liberty and the Capital Building, likely dating from the past 20 years or so. Would make a nice display item in any collection of minting technolgogy/memorabilia. (NOTE: attribution to Liberty University based on "UL" on the die and minimal research; this very likely could be attributed to a different institution)
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $50-60 None
571 A nice Militaria & Curling Group to a local Almonte Veteran
A lot of 16 various items from the estate of Haldene Merrithew of Almonte, WWII (RCR) and Korea Veteran (Van Doos - Military Cross Recipient), as well as a former Scoutmaster (a street in Almonte is named after Mr. Merrithew). Lot includes: Cap-badges of the [ACER] Canadian Infantry Corps, Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps, R.C.E.M.E., North-Shore New Brunswicks, and French-Canadian Regiment, etc.; a "Canada" brass bar by Carow Bros. of Montreal, 1915; together with quality Birks enamelled pins of the 1954, 1963 and 1964 Quebec International Bonspiels. (Lot of 16 items)
8.Artifacts, Collectibles & Bulk Lots $50-60 None